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Free AP and Pre-AP Training 

Take advantage of the free training available to any Oklahoma public school teacher.  Click here for the  AP Professional Development webpage to find times, dates and subjects. 

This professional development is open to all teachersinterested in attending.  Sessions include one- and four-day workshops as well as Advanced Placement Summer Institutes (APSIs) at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Tulsa.  The website has the registration forms for all of the offerings.

If you have questions, please contact Cathy Seward at or phone 405-521-4288.

Submit Teacher of the Year Applications

Access the 2014 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Application packet by clicking here. Applications are to be postmarked or delivered to the SDE no later than June 7, 2013. 

Be part of this wonderful opportunity that recognizes outstanding teachers, allows them to share their experiences with others throughout the state and the nation, and rewards them with thousands of dollars worth of gifts and scholarships.

New to the SDE Website

Check out these recent updates to the SDE Website:

Dynamic Learning Maps (Alternate Assessments)

IDEA-B Advisory Panel (Special Education)

Text of Administrative Rules Adopted by State Board

Thanks for Taking the OK School Speed Test

The State Department of Education and EducationSuperHighway would like to thank everyone who participated in the Oklahoma School Speed Test Month. Thanks to testers like you, we have gathered 73,334 Internet speed tests from 1,621 schools in Oklahoma.

With this data we can map the Internet speeds of 92% of Oklahoma schools, locate schools that need upgrades, and use evidence-based planning to make high-impact changes to improve Internetservices for Oklahoma’s students.

We will continue collecting School Speed Tests to add more data to our connection database and keep it updated here

Thank you Oklahoma! Together we can upgrade every teacher and student to learning-ready Internet!

Inspire others around the country to action, tell us a story about your school’s Internet and let leaders know why having high speed internet matters to your classroom! Make your voice heard at: