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Accountability at a Glance and TLE

On the SDE “Accountability at a Glance” calendar, there has been some confusion with regard to the requirements for probationary teacher evaluation documentation. The information listed underneath “Due Date” related to November 15 is intended as a reminder to schools to have this data completed, but it was never intended that the SDE receive the actual evaluation documentation from school districts. Please make sure that your district maintains the confidentiality of all teacher evaluations and limits access to the same as per 70 O.S. Section 6-101.11. 

Grant Announcement and Request for Proposals

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is soliciting applications to fund projects that reduce diesel emissions for public and private fleets throughout Oklahoma. The grant funds will be for the purchase and installation of EPA- or CARB-verified crankcase ventilation systems, diesel oxidation catalysts, vehicle replacements and other certified/verified clean diesel or fuel efficiency technologies. Priority will be given to projects which will result in a decrease in the emissions from school buses. 

Application Deadline: November 15, 2012

The Grant Announcement and application materials are posted on the DEQ’s website.

For additional information, please e-mail or contact Braxton Edwards at 405-702-4100.


Consolidated Report Deadline Extended

The State Department of Education has extended the deadline of the Wave October 1 Consolidated Report to Friday, October 26.

The Accreditation Report deadline has not been extended. That report was due October 15, 2012.


REMINDER: Data Pipeline Project Survey

On September 27, we sent you a link to a Needs Assessment survey being conducted by DataSmith Solutions on behalf of the Oklahoma SDE. We asked that districts submit their responses for analysis by October 19th, but we will accept responses past the 19th and will do our best to add late responses to the analysis. Given the technical nature of the questions, the superintendent may not be the best respondent to the survey. Please forward the survey link below to the appropriate staff – such as your data coordinator and/or key IT staff responsible for creating and submitting data files to SDE.

Find the survey by clicking on this  link.

DataSmith Solutions will follow up with district respondents to gather more in-depth information about data-related processes at SDE and will submit a summary report to SDE and SLDS leadership in December.


John Kraman, Executive Director of Student Information, SDE