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February 6, 2013

Council Votes to Approve Committee Framework in Support of State/Regional Ecosystems

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At its recent meeting, the Governor's Council voted to approve an Executive Committee recommendation that its committee structure support the State/Regional Ecosystems of Oklahoma’s economy.

The ecosystems are an important component of the Council’s 2013 plan of work.

The Council also gave a green light in support of a plan recommended by the Youth Council that would expand use of WorkKeys, provide an Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP) for Oklahoma students, as well as provide increased opportunities for career counseling.

Oklahoma System Certification Pilot Update

The Oklahoma System Certification Pilot project is well underway with each of the three areas, Central-Tulsa-East Central combined, Eastern and Southern fully engaged in designing a stellar system framework engaging all locally identified service delivery partners. 

Each pilot team has met in their local areas to continue the planning process to craft a customer focused-employer driven service system.  This system will realize the Governor’s vision of developing a talent pipeline not only to enhance the workforce goal but raise the economic status of Oklahoma to be more competitive for success. 

Donnalla Miller, Princess Trucklines, and GCWED member,  has dedicated her time to communicate the new process and make the key stakeholders at the state and local level aware of the benefits created by participating in the redesign of the current workforce system as a partnership. She has delivered promotional presentations to the College Presidents Association, Career Tech Superintendents and local workforce investment boards, with many more on the horizon.  

The projected data and benefits (lessons learned) from the local pilots should be available by mid-summer which will help provide guidance for the remaining regions of the state.

New Study Shows Oklahoma’s Dropout Rate is Falling

A new study finds Oklahoma’s dropout rate below the national average. The dropout rate of 2.4% ranks 14th in the nation for the 2009-2010 school year. Read More

Verizon Adding 500 Jobs in Tulsa


Verizon is adding 500 jobs in accounting and financial services to its operations in Tulsa. The announcement is the largest by an employer in Tulsa in nearly 5 years and marks a milestone in the city’s economic recovery. Read More

Oklahoma Unemployment Rate Ends 2012 at 5.1%

Oklahoma’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate improved to 5.1% in December 2012, down 0.1% from November. Seasonally adjusted nonfarm employment for Oklahoma dropped by 2,000 jobs in December. Read More

OSRHE Chancellor Pushes ‘Tools to Succeed’


OSRHE Chancellor Glen Johnson recently spoke about the need to increase the number of college graduates in Oklahoma. Read More

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•    Veterans Hiring Event, February 7 at Muskogee Civic Center (9:30am for Veterans & Spouses only; 10:30am for General Public)

•    Governor’s Council, 9am, April 5 at OSU-OKC.

•    Governor’s Youth Council, 11:30am, April 5 at OSU-OKC.

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