Free CycleTracks Smart Phone App

Bicycle Update Subscribers,

The Metropolitan Council is using a smartphone application to get a better understanding of bicyclists’ route and habits, info that will help make the region more bike-friendly. The Council has licensed the use of the app CycleTracks, developed by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, for use by cyclists in the Twin Cities region.

This application is free to download and use and records your actual bike trips with the help of GPS. CycleTracks also allows users to track their rides. The app sends details of the routes to a centralized database. The Met Council can then use the information on your routes to improve regional transportation planning by giving transportation planners a better understanding of the routes cyclists take.

If you have a smart phone, give it a try. You can download the application from Google Play (android) or App Store (iPhone). More information about CycleTracks can be found here.

Happy riding,

City of Minneapolis Bicycle and Pedestrian Section