Prepare your construction site for winter snow melt and rain

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Don’t risk water quality violations!

Protect Minnesota’s Waters by Preparing Your Construction Site for Winter Snow Melt and Rain 
The construction season is coming to a close. Site preparations need to be completed before frozen conditions so that protection is in place during winter thaws and the spring snow melt. Resume site inspections and maintenance as soon as runoff occurs or construction starts again, whichever comes first.

You play a vital role in protecting Minnesota’s lakes, streams and wetlands from sediment and other contaminants. Thank you for your cooperation.
plant seed for spring  
Plant seed for spring.
Cover all exposed soils with mulch.
stabalize ditch bottoms  
Stabilize ditch bottoms.
silt fence  
Repair silt fences and other sediment controls.
Clean sediment out of drainage ditches, sediment basins and stormwater inlets.
The Minnesota General Construction Stormwater Permit for Construction Activity (MN100001) requires that personnel implementing erosion and sediment control Best Management Practices (BMPs) at permitted construction sites are trained in the installation and maintenance of the BMPs. For more information on permit requirements at construction sites visit the MPCA construction stormwater webpage. For information on training opportunities and technical resources on implementing erosion and sediment control BMPs visit 

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