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Hennepin-University Partnership Announces Grant Winner

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On May 16, 2012 the Hennepin-University Partnership (H-UP) hosted a networking “Mixer” to provide a forum for Hennepin County and University of Minnesota Staff and Faculty to get to know one another and create new collaborations. Seventy-six Hennepin County and University faculty and staff participated at this event, held at the Coffman Memorial Union on campus.

Ed Goetz, Director of the University’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, commented “this was an exciting event that demonstrated the continuing energy and strong commitment of both sides to find new ways to work together on solving some of the more complex problems that face our community.”  

As a follow-up to this event, the H-UP invited proposals for a $20,000 Hennepin-University Collaborative Grant (HUCG).The purpose of this HUCG grant was to encourage University faculty and Hennepin County staff to partner on projects that involve an issue or topic of significance to both entities.


The H-UP just announced that the project entitled “The Risk of Family Homelessness over the Recession: The Role of Earnings History” was selected by the H-UP Management Team as the recipient of the 2012 Hennepin-University Collaborative Grant. Lisa Thornquist, Program Analysis Supervisor, Housing and Homelessness Initiatives and the Office to End Homelessness and Maria Hanratty, Associate Professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, submitted a joint application proposing to assess the impact of the recent recession on shelter entry of families on food support in Hennepin County. They will also develop predictors of shelter entry to better target homeless prevention services for low-income families.

Three other grant applications were also received and show potential for collaborations that could generate value for both Hennepin County and the University.

Hennepin County Commissioner Jan Callison reflected “these proposals illustrate the broad range of issues that Hennepin County tackles day in and day out. The potential for collaborations with the University to gain insights and generate new ideas is boundless.”

For more information on H-UP, please visit www.umn.edu/hup.

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