June 2012 Newsletter

ISSUE DATE June 2012


Hennepin County Sheriff's Office
350 S 5th St, Room 6
Minneapolis, MN 55415


Please do NOT use our email if your concern is urgent. Emails are viewed once a week or less frequently. For issues that need immediate attention, call the Sheriff's Office.

For emergency assistance, call 911 immediately.

For concerns about a potential suicide at the jail, call 911 or Jail Information, 612-348-5112


Water Safety Urged

There have been three apparent drownings so far this summer in Hennepin County.  The most recent tragedy occurred at Cedar Lake, Minneapolis.  A Sheriff's Office Dive Team member found a 16-year old girl unconscious underwater after she was reported missing while swimming. She died at HCMC.

Remember these tips:
WATCH your kids who are in or near the water. One adult should maintain constant visual contact on the kids. Avoid distractions such as texting or socializing. Do not rely on lifeguards.

WEAR a life jacket. Minnesota law requires life jackets for kids under 10 while boating. Children of all ages are urged to wear life jackets while boating. For weak or non-swimmers, consider a life jacket while in swimming in pools, lakes and other bodies of water. Adult supervision is still needed.

LEARN to swim, learn CPR and learn more about water safety. 
Sheriff's Water Patrol

Paramedic at pool training event

Training at Apartments

The photo above was taken during a swim safety training event. The paramedic and the little girl volunteered to depict an emergency. It is certainly a reminder of the importance of swim safety.

The Sheriff's Office is helping to provide instruction to apartment managers, staff, and residents on preventing accidents at apartment swimming pools.  The training will also demonstrate the best steps in an emergency response.   

The next training session take place on June 20 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Twin Lake North Apartments, 4539 58th Ave, Brooklyn Center.

Several agencies have partnered with the Sheriff's Office on the newly-formed Twin Cities Water Safety Task Force and partners include North Memorial Hospital, Foss Swim School, Abbey's Hope Charitable Foundation, the DNR, and the following police departments: Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, and Plymouth. Similar training sessions took place last month.

A safety video has been created so that apartment managers may provide safety instruction to new residents and review safety information. The Sheriff's Office responds to all water-related emergencies in Hennepin County.

Welcome to the Sheriff's Office Newsletter

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Sheriff Stanek approves 911 design plans
Sheriff Rich Stanek signs 911 design plans

UPDATE: 911 Design Plan Approved

The new Sheriff's Office 911 Emergency Communications Center took another step forward.  Sheriff Rich Stanek signed off on the design plans for the new facility that will be built in Plymouth. A ground-breaking is slated for this fall and occupancy in expected in 2014.  The current Sheriff's 911 facility is in Golden Valley. 

SafeZone in Minneapolis

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office has begun additional patrols in downtown Minneapolis as part of the annual summer SafeZone program.

The Sheriff’s Office partners with the Minneapolis Police Department, Metro Transit Police, and the Downtown Improvement District to keep the downtown safe for people, who work, live, shop and visit downtown.

Sheriff’s Office deputies and law enforcement officers from the other partner agencies will walk the downtown beat in a proactive, high-profile effort to prevent crime and respond to public safety issues.

“SafeZone has been an extremely successful initiative and it contributes to creating a safe environment during the busiest time of year for downtown Minneapolis,” said Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek.