2012-2013 Payroll Calendar Now Available!

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IMPORTANT: If you are not the CORRECT PERSON TO RECEIVE THIS communication, please forward it to the person who is responsible for updating the payroll calendar.


Your 2012-13 payroll calendar is now available for review on the retirement reporting website.

These dates have been created following the schedule used in your 2011-12 payroll calendar. Please review your online payroll calendar dates to ensure they correspond to the pay period begin and end dates that will be used for your retirement detail reports during the 2012-13 fiscal year.

You can view your calendar by clicking on the Work on Payroll Calendar link. Under Existing Calendars, scroll down to the FY 2012-13 calendar link. This will open the Create/Edit Payroll Calendar Details screen. Please note that you are not able to edit your online calendar. Verify the pay period start and end dates listed under Option 2 - View Payroll Period Dates. Remember, if the normal scheduled pay date falls on a holiday, the pay period end date should remain the holiday date for reporting purposes.

If your 2012-13 calendar needs to be changed you must contact ORS no later than June 22, 2012. To avoid confusion and speed up processing send any changes in the same format as used on the web site: Two columns of data: one column for payroll begin date (the day after your employees are paid), the second column for payroll end date (the date your employees are paid) or just print out the existing calendar and hand write in your changes. Send calendar changes to ORS:

Email: ORS_Web_Reporting@michigan.gov OR

Fax: 517-322-5190, Attention: Deb Lawrence

Please include the following information in your email or fax:

Reporting unit number

Reporting unit name

Contact name

The new calendar dates in the same format as used on line by ORS


If you have any questions, contact the Employer Reporting Call Center at 517-636-0166 or by email at ORS_Web_Reporting@michigan.gov.