Treasurer Poliquin Compares DC's Spending/Debt Addiction to Maine's Improving Fiscal Situation

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Listen to Treasurer Poliquin yesterday on the George Hale and Ric Tyler radio show, WVOM 103.9 Bangor and WVQM 101.3 Augusta.

Click here to listen to Part 1
Click here to listen to Part 2

The Treasurer blasts career politicians in Washington for creating the fiscal nightmare for which they now blame each other.  The Treasurer also addresses the pension debt reduction, welfare reforms, tax cuts, and regulatory changes being put in place in state government.  "These new policies of spending less, taxing less, regulating less, and borrowing less are beginning to build a business-friendly climate in Maine.  The end result will be more private sector jobs so we can keep our kids here."

(Mr. Poliquin's comments are as State Treasurer, not as a Trustee of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System)

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