"Affordable" Housing Can Be Affordable

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Dear Friend,

Click here to read yesterday's  Portland Press Herald OpEd by Peter Anastos, the new board chair at Maine State Housing Authority (MSHA). 

Mr. Anastos has spent his professional life building homes and hotels.  His OpEd explains how MSHA has funneled state, federal, and local taxpayer dollars to construct hundreds of 1,100-square-foot "affordable" apartments across Maine costing taxpayers up to $292,000 each.  During the past two months, the new MSHA board has questioned the cost-efficiency of the planned $314,000 Elm Terrace apartments in Portland.  On Sunday, the executive director approved the Elm Terrace units at $265,000 each.

There are 6,500 homeless and disadvantaged Maine families on the waiting list for a safe, warm apartment to call home.  Building expensive low-income apartments with scarce taxpayer dollars is unfair to those families-in-need, and to the taxpayers footing the bill.

Best wishes,

Bruce Poliquin
Maine State Treasurer


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