6,500 Families Waiting for Affordable Housing

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Dear Friend,

Then why are taxpayer dollars proposed to construct only 35 downtown Portland apartments costing $314,000 each?  Lowering the cost per unit will allow more units to be built, thereby helping more of the 6,500 disadvantaged families find a safe and warm place to call home. 

Maine State Housing Authority (MSHA) is one of eight quasi-independent Authorities created by the Legislature to provide important services to the people of Maine.  It's mission is to use federal, state, and local tax dollars to help as many disadvantaged families as possible find "affordable" housing.  How many more families-in-need can be helped if "affordable" apartments cost less than $314,000 each to build?

Click here to read last week's Portland Press Herald history of the proposed 1,100-square-foot Elm Terrace apartments in Portland budgeted at $314,000 each.

Click here to read yesterday's Sun Journal article about the 11 underground parking spaces, reported to cost $250,000, included in the Elm Terrace project.


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Bruce L. Poliquin 


For related information and media, visit www.maine.gov/treasurer/outreach.