Listen How Planned $314,000 Taxpayer-Funded Apartments Became "Affordable"

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Click here to listen to Maine Public Radio's report of proposed $314,000 low-income apartments paid by taxpayers.  Tuesday's 4-minute report covered the Maine State Housing Authority (MSHA) board meeting in Augusta.  (Click here to read the transcript of the MPR broadcast.)

State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin and four new board members question why MSHA created building standards that help drive the cost of 1,100-square-foot apartments to nearly twice the value of the median single-family home in Maine.  They also ask how taxpayers can be expected to pay for $314,000 apartments that they themselves cannot afford to live in.

The MSHA affordable housing mission is clear: use federal, state, and local taxpayer dollars to develop as much affordable housing units as possible, in order to help as many homeless and disadvantaged families as possible.  The new MSHA board is asking how the proposed taxpayer-funded $314,000 one and two bedroom apartments meet that objective.

There are 6,500 Maine families struggling to find an affordable and safe place to call home.  Reducing the cost per apartment, that allows more to be built, will help the most number disadvantaged families. 

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