Sun Journal: Despite ruffling feathers, Maine's Poliquin vows to remain 'activist treasurer'

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 September 19, 2011

Dear Friend,

Click here to read about Treasurer Poliquin's torrid pace to explain the State's fiscal and economic problems to the people of Maine.  The Treasurer's goal is to help push state government down its new path of fiscal discipline.  He describes how putting Augusta's fiscal house in order is the foundation of building a healthy private sector economy, and more jobs. 

Treasurer Poliquin's message includes describing the dramatic accomplishments of the new Legislature, and the LePage Administration during its first 8 months in office.  Those changes eliminated roughly $3 billion of public debt which cuts future government spending by approximately $200 million per year.  The new laws streamline business regulations, fairly cut taxes, and introduce competition into the health insurance market to drive down premium costs.  Together, these changes are reducing the cost and complexity of living and doing business in Maine.  The end result will be more jobs and more prosperity for the hard-working people of Maine. 

During his outreach program, Treasurer Poliquin regularly compares Maine's progress of spending less, taxing less, regulating less, and borrowing less to Washington's opposite direction.

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