Treasurer Poliquin in Washington County Touts State's New Fiscal Discipline

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August 25, 2011

Dear Friend,

Click here to read last week's interview of Treasurer Poliquin by the Machias Valley News Observer.  The State Treasurer highlights the $3 billion reduction of public debt since January by the new LePage Administration and Legislature. He explains the importance of fiscal discipline in state government to help attract business investment and jobs.  Treasurer Poliquin outlines the strategy to build a business-friendly climate by government spending less, taxing less, regulating less, and borrowing less.

(Please note the following correction: The recently passed $150 million tax cut package includes the elimination of Maine income tax for a single filer earning less than approximately $15,000 per year instead of $20,000 as reported.) 
(Mr. Poliquin's comments are as State Treasurer, not as a Trustee of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System.)
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