DPW Presents Salvage Art Exhibition on March 22


Salvage: A Waste of Materials, A Wealth of Art Features Curbside Recycling Materials

DPW Art Exhibition Supports “Drive to 35 Campaign”

Baltimore’s Race to Reach a 35% Recycling Rate


BALTIMORE, MD (January 14, 2013) – Some of the most iconic ancient artwork was crafted utilizing materials modern society would cast aside as waste. The word “waste” would have been an incomprehensible term to primal civilizations as all materials were valued. From March 22-May 22, DPW hosts Salvage: A Waste of Materials, A Wealth of Art, an exhibition that brings attention to the value of waste in the City of Baltimore. Comprised of 2-D and 3-D artworks constructed of curbside recycled materials, the exhibition will be on view at the Baltimore Public Works Museum building, 751 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202.

Curbside recycling consists of items collected from households including paper, cardboard and bottles.   The exhibition will feature works from local and regional artists and will be juried by an expert panel of judges. Three winning pieces will be awarded prizes.

Artists in “Salvage” will reclaim discarded pieces of residents' trash and repurpose them into beautiful, imaginative expressions of art. The philosophy of recycling is akin to that of art making itself, specifically taking an ordinary object and transforming it into something beautiful. Clearly, recycling affords many of these wasted materials the best opportunity to become reincarnated and continue their life in another form.

“We are encouraged by how many residents are participating in the recycling program, but we need to do more, get people more involved, and get residents to recycle more,” says Valentina Ukwuoma, Head of the Bureau of Solid Waste. “We hope this exhibition will not only display recycling in a unique perspective but also motivate and inspire residents to increase their recycling efforts.”

“Recycling increases the life of our landfill and supports our goals in reducing Baltimore’s municipal waste,” says Alfred H. Foxx, Director of the Department of Public Works.

Submission forms for the show are currently being accepted. The Form of Interest is due January 31 and the Final Submission Form is due February 28. For more information about the exhibition and sponsorship opportunities please visit: http://publicworks.baltimorecity.gov/Recycling/Salvage.aspx or call the Baltimore Office of Recycling at 410-396-4511.


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