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You Only Have One Heart...

Each year, 17.1 million lives are lost to heart disease, and it remains the number one cause of death among women. This month, take the time to learn more about what you can do to care for your heart and decrease your risks of heart disease. The Mayo Clinic has several tips for a heart-healthy diet, including limiting unhealthy fats and cholesterol, eating more fruits and vegetables, and selecting whole grains. Several of these steps are supported by health observances this month, including World Heart Day, on Sept. 29, when people are encouraged to take charge of their family's heart health by choosing a heart-healthy diet, increasing physical activity and saying "no" to tobacco.

Quit Now Indiana Contest

Women throughout Indiana can join the thousands of Hoosiers who are ready to quit smoking. The Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Division at the Indiana State Health Department and INShape Indiana have launched the 2011 Quit
Now Indiana Contest, where quitters have an opportunity to win $2,500. Participants pledge to remain tobacco free throughout October in exchange for better health and a chance to win extra spending money.
To be eligible to win, contestants must be 18 years or older, a legal resident of Indiana, a current tobacco user and stay tobacco free from Oct. 1 through Oct. 31, 2011. 
To register or for more information, visit INShapeIndiana.org, QuitNowIndiana.com, or call (317) 234-1787. Registration must be received by Sept. 30. Employers (including long term care facilities) interested in promoting the contest on-site may request a free contest kit at QuitNowIndiana.com.

When Disaster Strikes, Lend a Hand, Heal a Heart

Recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Irene on the East Coast and tornadoes and flooding across the Midwest have caused devastation and disrupted lives.  As community instability rises following natural disasters, risk factors for sexual violence also increase, as seen by increased sexual assaults in Haiti following the earthquake and New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. Sexual assault victims, already impacted by the effects of the natural disaster, experience increased instability and have fewer resources available to them as they recover. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center, in collaboration with several sexual assault prevention programs, created The Relief Fund for Sexual Assault Victims. One-hundred percent of the donations will go to direct services for victims, prevention initiatives at evacuation sites, and to restore sexual assault centers destroyed by the disasters. Visit the link below to learn more and to donate to the fund.

INCASA Special Recognition License Plate

The Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault is sponsoring this license
plate which will generate funding to benefit programs throughout Indiana that provide services, care and treatment to victims of sex crimes. This plate can be ordered through myBMV.com, at license branches and other customer service locations. For more information, visit the INCASA website or watch the PSA for the INCASA License Plate.

Learn About Lupus

Many of us may have heard of lupus, but may not know why it is a concern for women. Lupus is a chronic disease (meaning that the signs and symptoms last longer than six weeks) which affects the autoimmune system. In lupus, your immune system cannot tell the difference between the bacteria, germs and other invaders, and your body’s healthy tissues. In lupus, your immune system creates autoantibodies which can attack and destroy healthy tissue and create inflammation, pain, and tissue damage in parts of the body. The disease can range from mild to severe, and can happen in childhood or later in life. Diagnosis is often difficult as lupus develops slowly with symptoms that come and go. Women who get lupus are most often diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 45, and women comprise more than 90 percent of the people with lupus. African-American women are three times more likely to get lupus than white women, and Latina, Asian and Native American women are also at greater risk. Having this disease can lead to a myriad of other health problems such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and kidney disease.  For a personal side to this oftentimes perplexing health condition and to hear more about one person’s experience with lupus symptoms, please read this engaging interview: http://womenshealth.gov/news/spotlight/2011/8.cfm

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September 2011

24: Family Health & Fitness Day USA®

28: National Women's Health & Fitness Day

29: World Heart Day

1-30: National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

1-30: Fruit and Veggies- More Matters Month

1-30: Healthy Aging® Month

1-30: National Yoga Awareness Month

1-30: Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

1-30: Whole Grains Month

1-30: National Cholesterol Education Month

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Healthy Women, Healthy Hoosiers

Conference registration is now open! Click here to sign up, and visit the OWH website for more information.

Ovar'coming Together presents the 13th Annual Ovarion Cancer Run and Walk

Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011 at Historic City Market in Downtown Indianapolis
For more information, click here.

Breast Health: 2011 Multidisciplinary Webinar Series

September 21
Topic: Survivorship
Lead Speakers: Aparna Jotwani, M.D., IU Health
October 19
Topic: Unique Needs of the Rural Patient
Lead Speaker:, Terri S. Everage, R.T., St. Vincent Jennings Hospital

Upcoming Events 

September 10 & 14 - Walk for Lupus Now
September 12-14 - Indiana Chronic Disease Academy, Building the System for Healthy Communities, Indianapolis
September 22 - Latino Coalition: Sixth Annual Statewide Conference, Indianapolis
September 23 - Indiana Perinatal Network, 2nd Annual Perinatal Hospital Summit
October 2 - American Diabetes Association, Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes, Indianapolis
October 15 - Step Up for Kids in Indiana, Indiana Statehouse, Indianapolis
October 20-21 - APA-IN fall conference, Going Local in Indiana, Brown County State Park, Nashville
November 9 - Indiana Public Health Association Fall Policy Conference and Annual Meeting, Advocacy with Attitude: Beyond Boring Basics, Greenwood