Open Enrollment 2013: CDHPs for HSA non-eligibles

Open Enrollment 2013

Why choose a consumer-driven health plan if you have other coverage?

It’s true, if you are covered by a health plan other than a consumer-driven health plan (CDHP), you are not eligible to receive or make contributions to a health savings account (HSA). 

That does not mean a CDHP is not the right plan for you. CDHPs are still a great value when you compare exposure to premiums. Think about it—your Traditional PPO premiums alone are higher than the out-of-pocket maximum on a CDHP.  That means the Traditional PPO will cost you more over a year than a CDHP, regardless of the number of services or prescriptions you receive.

The chart below demonstrates the savings you could have if you were to select a CDHP over a Traditional PPO plan. For instance, if you selected a CDHP with single coverage and not a Traditional Plan, you could save at least $3,004 just from the less expensive premiums. Savings from premiums with family coverage in a CDHP over a Traditional PPO would net you a minimum of $8,444.

Sometimes the best plan isn’t the most expensive….it is the one that best meets your needs, and only you can determine that.

2013 Health Plan Comparisons

Maximum Exposure Calculations without an HSA

Max Exposure without HSA


A.)  Example assumes employee takes advantage of the Non-Tobacco Use Incentive

B.)  Example assumes costs are incurred within the Anthem provider network

Maximum exposure means the most you will pay for approved health care expenses in the 2013 calendar year.


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