Moving Indiana Women Forward - September 2012

 Moving Indiana Women Forward - September 2012

Submit Your Nomination for 2013 Torchbearer Awards

The Indiana Commission for Women (ICW) is seeking nominations for the 2013 Torchbearer Awards. The State of Indiana’s most prestigious recognition of women, Indiana Torchbearers are those women who have stepped forward as leaders by breaking down barriers to women’s full participation.
Recipients will be selected from a pool of nominated candidates who have overcome obstacles, made extraordinary contributions or been pioneers throughout their lives. Selection will be based on the recipients’ demonstrated achievement in the areas of their professional careers, community leadership and/or public service. Recipients must be living at the time of their nomination.
Nominations will be evaluated with considerable attention given to those women who have been pioneers, have removed barriers and/or have made a considerable impact to the advancement of women in Indiana. Submitted nomination forms are due on or before Friday, December 14, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. EST.
Visit to download the nomination form and guidelines. For more information, contact ICW at 317-232-6720 or

Hoosier Women Speak

Hoosier Women Speak Final Report Available

The Hoosier Women Speak final report is now available on ICW’s website at are many barriers that create challenges to women throughout Indiana. Through a series of regional listening sessions and online survey, ICW facilitated conversations with citizens across Indiana to categorize and narrow critical issues affecting women regionally and statewide into the top five priorities.  Those priority areas were:
  • Health-related issues
  • Work-based issues
  • Care giving
  • Violence against women
  • Leadership
Reports from individual listening sessions are also available. If you are interested in learning more about the Hoosier Women Speak program or in scheduling someone from ICW to present the Hoosier Women Speak findings, please contact the Indiana Commission for Women at (317) 232-6720 or

ICW continues Hoosier Women Speak outreach in Richmond

In July 2012, the Indiana Commission for Women took an important step by conducting an additional listening session for Richmond/Wayne County. By continuing Hoosier Women Speak, ICW recognizes there may be issues unique to specific demographic groups or geographic regions.  
Interestingly, many of the solutions discussed among the Richmond participants were also identified as components of any issue discussed during all listening sessions, which include:
  • Encouraging agencies, organizations and individuals to communicate and coordinate individual efforts through collaboration and partnership
  • Identifying, promoting and enhancing resources already in existence so that people can find them easily and quickly
  • Inviting women directly affected by the issues to the table to be engaged in the process of identifying solutions.
Significantly distinct themes expressed during this listening session included their desire to see a revitalization of pride in Richmond by recapturing a “Front Porch” ideal of community and neighborliness. They also identified the need to break down “resource silos” that exist in the community, which prevent women from knowing about or seeking assistance. The Richmond listening session report can be found at:
Both demographic and geographic populations provide target areas for consideration in subsequent Hoosier Women Speak outreach. If your community or group is interested in hosting a listening session, please contact the Indiana Commission for Women at (317) 232-6720 or

Hoosier Women Lead

In the Indiana Commission for Women's recent Hoosier Women Speak initiative, women's leadership, particularly in policy-making offices, was identified as one of the top five priority areas. Participants indicated women lacked preparation and support to pursue policy-making careers. 
ICW is currently exploring ways to provide outreach to women on a regional basis and is currently conducting a short survey of what women would like to see. Please take a few moments to complete a political interest survey to help ICW identify your interests.

IWL October Conference

Integrating Women Leaders Conference is only 10 days away!

On October 2, 2012, Integrating Women Leaders’ (IWL) Annual Women's Leadership Conference will be held at the Indiana Convention Center.  This year's conference will encourage individuals to take their careers into their own hands by enhancing professional leadership skills, improving communication and building stronger networks to achieve results. It will highlight extraordinary women leaders from the State of Indiana who are passionate about mentoring other women who aspire to achieve results.
Participants will have the opportunity to learn from outstanding speakers about how their personal Choices, Chances, and Changes helped them achieve success.  And this year...organizers have invited male leaders in the communities as panelists to provide their point of view.  There are still a limited number of seats available.  Register Today!

Women's Build

Habitat for Humanity's Women Build 

Women Build challenges women from all walks of life to build—and to advocate for—decent, affordable houses in their own communities and throughout the world.  Our Women Build is about recruiting and training women to build simple, decent, healthy and affordable houses.
On October 10th, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis will kick-off a 6 week Women Build presented by UPS! Our goal is to empower women to build and positively impact lives by constructing a home for a well-deserving family on the West side of Indianapolis.
Women possess all that’s needed to affect dramatic change in their communities, and with the comfortable environment of a Women Build site, women can quickly learn construction skills. Through Women Build, Habitat can give women the tools necessary to help serve their community.
For more information, contact Habitat for Humanity at (317) 921.2121 ext. 114

Michigan City Establishes Local Commission for Women

On Friday, September 17, 2012, the Michigan City Commission for Women (MCCFW) was officially launched at an event held at the Dunes Summer Theatre and included a performance of the play Top Girls.  Attending the launch were members of the newly appointed board of the MCCFW, Agnes Meer, wife of Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer; Common Council members; and Kristin Garvey, executive director of the Indiana Commission for Women. 
The Michigan City Commission for Women was established to ensure that women and men have equal opportunity to function fully and optimally as citizens in the city, as equal partners in the economy, in politics and government, in education, in social development, in the system of justice and in all other facets of life. 
In an article by the News Dispatch in Michigan City, Sharon Carnes, the MCCFW chair stated that the organization “grew out of ‘listening sessions’ organized by Kristin Garvey, the executive director of the Indiana Commission for Women, and fourth ward councilperson Pat Boy.”
The board and staff of the Indiana Commission for Women congratulate the Michigan City Commission for Women and look forward to the important work they will do for the women of Michigan City.
If your community is interested in learning how to establish a municipal level commission for women, please contact the Indiana Commission for Women at (317) 232-6720 or

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About the Indiana Commission for Women

The Indiana Commission for Women is committed to the full participation of women in all aspects of society in order to live, work and raise a family. ICW works to move Indiana women forward by understanding the needs of Indiana women and their families and by working strategically both within government and in our communities to help bring about positive solutions. We act as the voice of women, communicating their needs and concerns as well as their successes and contributions, so that they can become better connected to their communities and to the tools, resources and opportunities needed to find their own voice.