Moving Indiana Women Forward - November 2011


Moving Indiana Women Forward - November 2011

Community Spotlight

Reserve your seat now for the 2011 Hazelett Women in Leadership Forum!  This year's speaker is Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever forward, 2011 WNBA MVP, Olympic gold medalist, and founder of the Catch the Stars Foundation. The Forum will be held Wednesday, November 30, 2011, from 5:00 -7:00 PM on the fourth floor of the IUPUI Campus Center.  This event is free and open to the public; please RSVP at or call 317-278-2800. Sponsored by the Randall L. Tobias Center for Leadership Excellence, the IUPUI Chancellor’s Office, and the IUPUI Office for Women. 

Job Opening:  Administrative Assistant

The Indiana Commission for Women is currently looking for a part-time administrative assistant (Job ID #576352). The successful candidate will be someone who shares the interest and focus of the Indiana Commission for Women, who wants to make a substantial contribution to the advancement of women by assisting to build capacity for agency programs and who maintain confidentiality in all aspects of constituent, staff and agency information. The position will be responsible for managing daily office procedures, assisting with project and event coordination, responding effectively and efficiently to constituent inquiries and by coordinating ICW's electronic communication and social media strategies. To learn more about this position, go to: and click on employment opportunities.

Can you help us?
We often are asked for information on women's firsts in Indiana. For example, a caller recently wanted to know who was the first mayor of an Indiana city. Other examples include such facts as Representative Virginia Jenckes  was the first women to serve as a U.S. Representative (1933-1939); Lt. Governor Becky Skillman was the first woman to be elected to the office of Lt. Governor (2005-Present); or Sen. Vi Simpson was the first woman to become Senate Minority Leader
Can you think of others?  It doesn't have to be in politics...It can be in business, education, nonprofit sector, anything. We want to compile a list of as many firsts for Indiana women as possible.  Just send us a quick email to All we ask is that you send us a link to a reliable source so that we can verify and cite the fact. 
By the way, the first mayor of an Indiana city was Mary Jancosek Bercik of Whiting, IN (1957-1964)! 

ICW to hold debrief meetings in six locations

The Indiana Commission for Women created the Hoosier INsight project to construct an environment where deliberation could occur on women’s issues. Women from across the state attended listening sessions or responded to an online survey, in total 1,100 individuals gave their input. These responses allowed the ICW to determine what challenges women commonly face in Indiana. Women are confronted daily with challenges like work-life balance, affordable healthcare, quality jobs, providing child and elder care, education, domestic violence and a lack of female representation in public offices.
While the issues were varying, there were five main themes that were seen throughout the majority of the Hoosier INsight project. These five main issues, health-related issues, work-based issues, childcare, leadership and violence against women, will serve to direct the next steps by the ICW.
On November 18, 2011, from 9:00-12:00, the Indiana Commission for Women will host Hoosier Women Speak debriefing meetings in six locations across the state to develop community action plans to address the top five issues for women. Individuals, community leaders, organizations and businesses are invited to participate in discussion on what action steps can be taken to create positive change in these five areas.
Click on one of the links below to get more details about the meeting in your area and to RSVP.
We look forward to seeing you on November 18th!  For more information, please call the Indiana Commission for Women at (317) 233-6303 or send an email to  

Honor a Veteran!  Honor a Woman Veteran!

On Friday, November 11, the Nation commemorates Veterans Day to honor American veterans. We also would like to take the time to honor the extraordinary contributions of women veterans. Just like men, women in the armed forces have shown patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.   
Resources are available to women veterans who have unique needs.  Hoosier women veterans can join the Hoosier Women Veterans Registry through the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs.  Its purpose is to serve as an informational bridge to connect women veterans to the numerous resources and benefits that are available to veterans. The Women’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor has published a guide to Trauma-Informed Care for Women Veterans Experiencing Homelessness. Created for service providers, the guide was created to address the psychological and mental health needs of women veterans.
Additional Resources

Don't forget to nominate a deserving woman for the 2012 Torchbearer Awards!

The Indiana Commission for Women (ICW) will be seeking nominations for the 2012 Torchbearer Awards until December 16, 2011. The 2012 Torchbearer Awards are the State of Indiana’s most prestigious recognition of Hoosier women.  Indiana Torchbearers are women who have been pioneers throughout their lives and have stepped forward as leaders by breaking down barriers to women’s full participation. These women have become true beacons of light by overcoming immense challenges with courage, perseverance and compassion that creates a lasting legacy and becomes an inspiration for us all.
Recipients of the 2012 Torchbearer Awards will be announced at an Awards Ceremony on March 1, 2012. Visit to download the nomination form and nominations guidelines.  All entries must be submitted no later than Friday, December 16, 2011.
For more information, contact Kristin Garvey, Executive Director at (317) 233-6303 or

About the Indiana Commission for Women

The Indiana Commission for Women (ICW) is committed to the full participation of women in all aspects of society in order to live, work and raise a family.  ICW works to move Indiana women forward by encouraging all citizens to become more aware of the issues women face in Indiana and by assisting women to become better connected to the opportunities and resources available in their communities and throughout the State of Indiana and to become more engaged as leaders in resolving challenges that they face. ICW serves as the voice of women in Indiana by communicating their needs and concerns and by celebrating their successes and contributions made to our communities, state and nation