Leon County Completes Old Bainbridge Roundabout Ahead of Schedule

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Leon County Completes Old Bainbridge Roundabout Ahead of Schedule

WHO: Leon County
WHAT: Completion of Old Bainbridge Road Roundabout
WHEN: Friday, August 5
WHERE: Old Bainbridge Road at the intersection of Pullen Road and Willamette Road

Nearly eight weeks ahead of schedule, today Leon County Government completed the Old Bainbridge Road Roundabout. The project enhanced the safety for vehicles and pedestrians by calming the traffic through the intersection and reducing congestion during peak traffic hours.

“As the area along Old Bainbridge Road continues to develop, so has the need for roadway improvements,” said Leon County District 3 Commissioner John E. Dailey. “Improvements like these are what our community needs early in the morning on the way to school, or late at night when driving home.”

The final design includes an enhanced stormwater management facility, improved pedestrian features, design improvements that complement the area, and landscaping and irrigation to mitigate impacts to the canopy road. The improvements were constructed by M of Tallahassee, Inc., a multi-dimensional highway and civil site contractor.

“To finish nearly eight weeks ahead of time means a lot to the citizens and for their safety,” said Leon County Administrator Vincent S. Long. “We said we would finish this project before school started again, and we did just that.”

For more information, contact Chris Muehlemann, Chief of Engineering Design, Leon County Public Works, at (850) 606-1500 / Muehlemann C@LeonCountyFL.gov or Mathieu Cavell, Community and Media Relations Director, Leon County Community and Media Relations, at (850) 606-5300 / cmr@LeonCountyFL.gov .