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~Leaders applaud DEP's work with EPA to set statewide numeric nutrient criteria~

Gwen Keyes Fleming, EPA Regional Administrator

“We congratulate the State of Florida for their hard work on this very complicated effort. We look forward to learning of additional progress and milestones in the future. This agreement is a testament to the collaboration between EPA and FDEP to effectively determine how Florida can best protect and restore its vital water resources.”

Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General

"I have always maintained that Florida—not the federal government—should enact the rules and laws to protect our unique waterways. After years of litigation, the Environmental Protection Agency has done the right thing by reaching an agreement with the Department of Environmental Protection that allows Florida's leaders, who know our waterways best, to implement sound criteria that will safeguard our water from excess nitrogen and phosphorus pollution."

Adam Putnam, Commissioner of Agriculture

“The agreement by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to defer to the State of Florida to implement its own water quality standards is a compliment to the unparalleled expertise of Florida’s water quality scientists and confirmation that Florida knows best how to protect its own waterways. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to develop and implement comprehensive programs to manage and protect our vital water resources for generations to come.”

John Hoblick, president of the Florida Farm Bureau Federation

“The historic agreement between the DEP and EPA should usher in a new era where confrontation over water policy gives way to cooperation as we move forward to protect our state’s water. The agreement recognizes Florida has established tough numeric water quality standards for rivers, streams, lakes and estuaries in the state. Now is the time to clear obstacles and move forward with the work of protecting our state’s waters.”

Mayor Manny Maroño, president of the Florida League of Cities

“Under this agreement, Florida will take its rightful place as the national leader in water quality protection. The state’s water quality program will ensure that Florida’s waters remain among the cleanest in the nation. The resolution of this issue provides certainty and significant cost savings to local governments, businesses, and residents of the State of Florida.”

DEP Press Release Announcing Numeric Nutrient Criteria Agreement with EPA

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