HPO Monthly Public Notice February 2013

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This document and others related to the February 28 and March 7, two-day HPRB Meeting and Public Hearings will be posted on our website accessible at the following:




or the abbreviated URL of::   http://tinyurl.com/68tvfr3





February 2013




February 28 and March 7, 2013


441 4th Street NW, Room 220 South, 9:00 a.m.


The Historic Preservation Review Board will meet Thursday, February 24 and March 7, 2013 to consider permit and concept applications for work affecting historic properties. This meeting may also include a public hearing on nominations to designate historic landmarks or historic districts.



The agenda of cases for the HPRB meetings will be drawn from this notice, which provides a list of cases that were filed by the application deadline. PLEASE NOTE that some cases filed for consideration may not be included on the Board’s agenda for this month’s public meetings. A case may be deferred at the request of the affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission, for insufficient information, if additional preparation is required, or at the discretion of the staff or HPRB. Listing on this notice does not guarantee a hearing this month.



The agenda for the February 2013 HPRB meeting will be emailed to all recipients of this public notice and posted on the Historic Preservation Office website at www.preservation.dc.gov on February 22, 2013. To receive a print copy of the staff report for a case on the agenda, please contact Bruce Yarnall at (202) 442-8835 or bruce.yarnall@dc.gov on or after February 22.







5-D         Harbour Square, Square 503, Lot 116 , Case #12-05

5-E          Chapman Stables, 37-57 N Street and 54-64 and 66-76 Hanover Place NW, Case #13-09 (to be heard in March)

2-B         Brigadier General George P. Scriven House, 1300 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Case #12-04 (to be heard in April)




Historic Landmarks

5-D         Hecht Company Warehouse, 1401 New York Avenue, NE, HPA #13-065, concept/façade and window alterations, adjacent new construction (Callcott)

5-B         Spingarn High School, 2500 Benning Road, NE, HPA #13-004, revised concept review for proposed streetcar car barn (Lewis)

6-C         Uline Arena & Icehouse (Washington Coliseum), 1140 3rd Street, NE, HPA #160, concept/alterations, roof additions to ice house, new parking garage for retail and office use (not being heard in February, Callcott)

5-C         McMillan Reservoir Sand Filtration Site, Michigan Avenue and North Capitol Street, NW, HPA #13-xxx, raze permit for two below-grade sand filtration cells for construction of First Street storm water tunnel (to be heard at March 28th meeting; Callcott)




Capitol Hill Historic District

6-A         901 D Street, NE (former Edmonds School), HPA #13-028, concept/ongoing review of alterations and new construction (Molson)

6-A         225 9th Street, NE, HPA #13-158, concept/rear addition and balcony railing on front bay (McMillen)

6-B         820 C Street, SE, HPA #12-615, concept/new construction on vacant lot (Molson)

6-B         426 11th Street, SE, HPA #12-560, concept/rooftop addition (Molson)

6-C         208, 214, 236 Massachusetts Avenue, NE and 412-432 3rd Street, NE, HPA #13-107, concept/alterations, raze of non-contributing building, subdivision, new construction (Molson)

6-C         410 E Street, NE (Stuart Hobson Middle School), HPA #12-616, concept/ongoing review of addition (Lewis and Molson; also being reviewed by CFA)

6-A         20 14th Street, NE, HPA #13-157, concept/raze existing garage structure and construct new garage structure (McMillen; not being heard in February)

6-B         418-420 New Jersey Avenue, SE, HPA #12-562, concept/raze and new construction (Molson; not being heard in February; also being reviewed by CFA)

6-B         452 New Jersey Avenue, SE, HPA #13-145, concept/rear addition and façade reconstruction (McMillen;not being heard in February)

6-C         513 C Street, NE, HPA #13-116, concept/raze and new construction of two townhouses (McMillen; not being heard in February)


Cleveland Park Historic District

3-C         3635 Ordway Street NW, HPA #13-151, concept/widen driveway and move retaining wall (Brockett)

                3324 Newark Street NW, HPA #13-153, concept/side addition, side porch infill (Brockett)

                3200 Highland Place NW, HPA #13-155, concept/front porch infill, raise roof, rear addition (Brockett)


Dupont Circle Historic District

2-B         1337 Connecticut Avenue, NW, HPA #12-421, revised concept/additional floor added to non-contributing building (Callcott)



George Washington/West End Historic District [pending]

2-A         Square 77 (bounded by 21st, 22nd, H and Eye Streets, NW), revised concept/alteration and lotcombination of three apartment buildings (Schenley, Crawford and West End apartments) for construction of new dormitory (Elliott)


Kalorama Triangle Historic District

1-C         2012-2014 Kalorama Road NW, HPA#13-164, rear addition and renovation (Brockett)


LeDroit Park

1-B         1938 2nd Street NW, HPA #13-108, concept/add two-story rear addition to two-story rowhouse (Meyer)

1-B         513 U Street NW, HPA #13-109, concept/add third floor, penthouse and basement entrance to two-story rowhouse with projection (Meyer)


Mount Pleasant Historic District

1-D         1709 Harvard Street NW, HPA #13-149, concept/one-story rear addition (Dennee)

1-D         3145 Mount Pleasant Street, NW, HPA #13-157, concept for new construction and rehabilitation of Monsenor Romero Apartments (Lewis)


Mount Vernon Square Historic District

6-E       650 New York Avenue, NW (Square 450), HPA #12-305, revised concept/alteration, new construction, rehabilitation of historic buildings (David Maloney, Steve Callcott)


Saint Elizabeths Hospital Historic District

8-C         1100 Alabama Avenue (2700 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue), SE, HPA #13-032, revised concept/construction of pavilion (Dennee)


Shaw Historic District

2-F          1011-1015 M Street NW and 1201-1207 11th Street NW, HPA #13-154, concept/new nine-story multi-unit residential building on vacant lot (not being heard in February; Meyer)

2-F          1000 N Street NW, HPA #13-146, permit/turret roof, replace asphalt shingles with standing seam copper (Meyer)


Sixteenth Street Historic District

2-B         900 16th Street, NW, HPA #12-344, revised concept/new construction, office building and church (David Maloney)


U Street Historic District

1-B         1914 8th Street NW, HPA #13-114, concept/raze 2-story contributing rowhouse, construct four-story apartment (Meyer)

1-B         2001 14th Street, NW, HPA #13-xxx, concept/roof top canopy (Callcott)

1-B         939 T Street, NW, HPA #13-150, concept/three-story rear addition (Callcott)

1-B         1300 U Street, NW, HPA #12-432, revised concept/new construction, eight-story apartment building (Callcott)


Washington Heights Historic District

1-C         2435 18th Street NW, HPA #13-094, enclosed canopy on front (Brockett)



4-C         Powell Elementary School, 1350 Upshur Street NW, review of concept design for proposed new addition (Lewis)

3-F          Hearst Elementary School, 3950 37th Street NW, review of concept design for proposed new addition (Lewis)






For inquiries on a specific case, please contact the staff person assigned to the case. Written comments on a case must be received at the Historic Preservation Office by Close of Business, Tuesday, February 19, to be distributed to HPRB members before the meeting. Please direct comments to the staff member responsible for the case.




Anne Brockett


(202) 442-8842


Steve Callcott


(202) 741-5247


Tim Dennee


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Kim Elliott


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Patsy Fletcher


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Andrew Lewis


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David Maloney


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Frances McMillen


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Brendan Meyer


(202) 741-5248


Amanda Molson


(202) 442-8827


Kim Williams


(202) 442-8840



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For additional information, see the HPO and HPRB website at www.preservation.dc.gov



ACCESSIBILITY SERVICES: Persons needing accessibility accommodations for preservation services and programs may contact Steve Callcott at the Office of Planning at (202) 442-8800 to request assistance. Sign language interpretation is available for HPRB meetings with two weeks advance notice.



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