Alameda County - District One Newsletter 3.15.12

MARCH 2012                                                                                     VOLUME 6 • ISSUE 4 


Alameda County - District One

Supervisor Scott Haggerty

Serving Livermore, Dublin, Fremont and Unincorporated East County

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1221 Oak Street
Suite 536
Oakland, CA 
(510) 272-6691

4501 Pleasanton Ave.
Pleasanton CA 
(925) 551-6995



  • A Message  from  District 1...
  • Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center offers Free Tax Preparation
  • Extreme Makeover - Commuter Edition!
  • Openings in District One Boards and Commissions
  • District One Calendar of events
  • REBATES! Green Your Small Business
  • County Appoints Two Local Residents to the Oversight Board

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District One Staff:

Chris Gray
Chief of Staff, Policy

Dawn Argula
Chief of Staff, Operations

Josh Thurman,
Deputy Chief of Staff

Shawn Wilson
Supervisor's Assistant

Joe Gordon,

Vener Bates,
Supervisors Assistant

Lee Ann Fergerson
Office Manager,

My Boards and Commissions:

  • Altamont Commuter Express Joint Powers Authority (ACE)
  • Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA)
  • Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC)
  • Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)
  • Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)
  • California State Association of Counties (CSAC)
  • Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters (CARD)
  • East Bay Regional Communications System (EBRCS)
  • East Bay Regional Park District County Liaison (EBRPD)
  • Local Agency Formation Agency (LAFCO)
  • Livermore-Amador Valley Transportation Authority (LAVTA)
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)
  • National Association of Counties (NACo)
  • Oakland/Alameda County Coliseum Authority (JPA)
  • Transportation and Planning
  • Tri-Valley Transportation Council (TVTC)

Lake Elizabeth, Fremont 
central park - fremont photo

Ravenswood, Livermore
Ravenswood - Livermore

Livermore Rodeo 
Livermore Rodeo - photo

Fallon Sports Park, Dublin
Fallon Sports Park, Dublin - photo

Fremont Main Library
Fremont Main Library - photo

Livermore Winery
Livermore Winery - photo

Shopping in Dublin
Shopping in Dublin - photo

Fremont Hills
Fremont Hills - photo

Robert Livermore Community Center
Robert Livermore Community Center - photo

Heritage Park, Dublin
Heritage Park Dublin - photo

Livermore Dining
Livermore Dining - photo


The Spare the Air Program was established by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to educate people about air pollution and to encourage them to change their behavior to improve air quality.
On the site you will find daily air quality forecasts for the Bay Area, information about air pollution and its health effects, opportunities for community members and employees join up to prevent pollution, clean air tips, and a variety of other educational resources.

Lake Elizabeth, Fremont 
Central Park Fremont - photo
St. Patrick's Day Art

A message from District 1...

Although the economy and its impacts on local government continue to be the focus of attention, you will be proud to know that Alameda County has already begun looking into our Budget deficit and we are optimistic that we can continue to weather the financial storm by passing a balanced budget.  Early numbers for recovery are improving, and for the first time in 2 ½ years, unemployment in Alameda County dipped below 10% from a high in late 2010 of 11.2%. 
The County’s property assessment roll growth is less than half a percent, the third worst year on record.  At its peak, in 2007 the median home value in Alameda County was $619,000; late 2011 it was $328,000.  However, property values are not expected to continue to decrease as in past years.  Receiving 15 cents of every dollar of property tax, this remains the County’s biggest discretionary source of revenue.  Statewide there are some indications of a slowly improving economy – new auto registrations are higher than one year ago; single family home sales are increasing and foreclosures, while still high, are decreasing.  Not surprisingly, there is increased demand for safety net services – healthcare, food stamps and shelter.
The County continues to monitor actions taken at the State and Federal level and is developing strategies to contend with additional impacts.  The Board of Supervisors has begun its efforts to develop its budget for the coming 2012-13 Fiscal Year which must be adopted by July 1.  The County Board of Supervisors have already conducted budget workgroup meetings and Budget Forums in Oakland and Fremont.  For more information about the budget, visit the County’s website at .          

Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center offers Free Tax Preparation 

For the 5th year, the Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center will be providing FREE tax preparation for qualified individuals and families with household income less than $49,000 annually. Tax returns are prepared by IRS certified VITA volunteer tax preparers.
You may also be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and other credits, which can result in MORE MONEY in your pocket!!! For example, a married couple filing jointly with 3 qualifying children, who have social security numbers, may qualify for up to $5,657 of ADDITIONAL Federal Income Tax Refund $$$.
The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the United Way of the Bay Area. Earn It! Keep It! Save It! Coalition, is available for qualifying families and individuals at the Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center.
Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center (The Center)
141 N Livermore Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550
Now until April 14, 2012
Tuesdays & Thursdays – 4 to 8 pm
Saturdays – 10 am to 2 pm
For an appointment call 925-373-3130 x305
Walk-ins Welcome too!

Extreme Makeover art
Tri-Valley Spare the Air Resource Team rolls out-

Extreme Makeover - Commuter Edition!

Roughly 20,000 employers of all sizes call the Tri-Valley home and collectively, employ almost 200,000 employees.  Jobs and job growth is a “good thing” but brings with it traffic congestion on local roads and highways and poor air quality from car emissions.  And solo driving can be costly to employees.  Effective commute programs can be an attractive incentive for new or existing employees.  Employers can get help with employee commute programs by entering to win a free commute program “makeover.”  Entries will be accepted through the month of March. In April four winners – one each in the cities of Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton and San Ramon - will be selected for the makeover.  For more information or to submit an entry visit .  

Openings in District One Boards and Commissions

The Supervisor is seeking qualified, motivated and dedicated candidates to serve on the following county boards and/or commissions that have current openings:

Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority’s Citizens Watchdog Committee (CWC):
The CWC scrutinizes all ACTIA expenditures and reports directly to the public on how Measure B funds are spent each year.
Meetings: on a quarterly basis on the 2nd Monday, 6:30p.m., in downtown Oakland
1 seat                           Closing Date: Open until filled

Alameda County Advisory Commission on Aging:
Provide for services to elderly and assist in allocation of funds as Advisor to the Area Agency on Aging.
Meetings: 2nd Monday, 9:30a.m.
1 seat                           Closing Date: Open until filled

Consumer Affairs Commission:
Promotes and protects the interest of Alameda County consumers. Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month at 4:00p.m., 1221 Oak Street, Suite 536, BOS Conference Room, Oakland 94612.
1 seat                           Closing Date: Open until filled

Mental Health Advisory Commission:
Perform advisory functions in matters relating to mental health. Meetings: 2nd Monday, Every Child Counts Conference Room, 1100 San Leandro Blvd., Suite 130, San Leandro.
2 seats                         Closing Date: Open until filled

For more information contact: Send  resumes via email to or fax to 925-484-2809, Attn: Vener Bates.

District 1 Calendar of Events

Spring brings welcomed warm weather and increased activities throughout our communities. Visit our District 1 website for information at and click on the Calendar of Events tab.  Let us know if you have community events scheduled in District 1 communities that you would like posted by contacting .  This month the City of Dublin pulls out all the stops to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a range of activities.  WHEELS will run service to the festivities from the East Dublin BART station.  Information is posted on the District 1 Calendar of Events.  

Get Up to $5,000 in Rebates & Free Consulting Services to Help Green Your Small Business!

small green business rebate program
Are you passionate about making green upgrades to your business but not sure where to begin?  If so, check out StopWaste.Org’s Small Commercial Green Materials Rebate Program. With over 20,000 small businesses in Alameda County, StopWaste.Org is helping small commercials by offering up to $5,000 in green materials rebates and free consulting services.
The rebate money will help pay for recycled-content materials such as salvaged and composite wood, carpet, tile, insulation and recycled paint for building exteriors.
The free consulting service will help identify the best ways to green your commercial space; navigate the various energy and water-efficiency rebates available; and provide unbiased opinion on cost-effective strategies to help lower operating costs.
To be eligible, commercial building projects must be no more than 10,000 square feet and enrolled in the program by June 2012. The total amount of funding available is $50,000, enough for 10 businesses to participate so act fast!
For more details, visit Small Commercial Green Materials Rebate Program. For questions, contact Wes Sullens at wsullens@StopWaste.Org or 510.891.6500.

County Appoints Two Local Residents to the Oversight Board which serves as the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency

The Supervisor nominated Dr. Raj Salwan for the City of Fremont as the public member. He is a Veterinarian specializing in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Preventive Medicine. He is the owner of American Animal Hospital and American Animal Care Center in Fremont.  Dr. Salwan is a resident of Fremont and currently serving on the Fremont Planning Commission. 

The Supervisor also appointed Todd Storti of Livermore for the City of Livermore as the public member. Todd is President at Recycling Logistic Inc. in Livermore.  He has been actively involved in his community and currently serving on the Livermore Planning Commission.



After every major disaster, it seems that everyone urges everyone else to collaborate. It's the current buzzword that's sold as the magic bullet to cure all past breakdowns in disasters.  We are told to do it, that if we don't do it we won't get funding, and legislation and lawsuits loom large if we fail. With "Collaborating" being part of our name, we've developed a different perspective on the word.  Here's the real deal about "collaborating" for disasters or anything else: Collaboration isn't always the solution, it isn't free, and it isn't always easy. 
Genuine collaboration - where together we achieve a result that we could not have achieved alone - is a very high form of relationship.
Laying the groundwork for successful collaboration includes the following often unheralded steps: 
- Acknowledged Coexistence (strangers rarely collaborate)
- Commitment (preferably longer-term) to some shared goal
- Communication (honest and constructive please)
- Cooperation on some specific project or goal
And then there is collaboration, where mutual dependence is necessary. Where we actually create something  -- a result, a solution, a tool, a product, etc. -- that wouldn't have been possible without the partnership.
You'll notice as you move from simply co-existing to real collaboration, more trust is required, more vulnerabilities emerge -- hence the reason genuine collaboration is much easier said than done.  
 Here are some suggestions to help ensure your collaborations -- whether for disaster services, or any other topic -- have a greater chance for success:
- Choose it – embrace what is possible,  enter with eyes wide open.
- Be honest about what you can and cannot do – no relationship built on falsehoods or dishonesty can reach its true potential.
- Celebrate  your differences – leverage your unique strengths, honor diversity of experience and perspectives.
- Stay focused on truly COMMON goals, values, needs –  do not deviate! 
- Embrace Social Media – so that your relationships can last and benefit from mutual connections. (Social media also makes you more resilient and prepared for emergencies.) 
And one really important piece, that most people overlook: Protect your collaborators from your own bureaucracy and oddities. You don't seat your guests on the chair with the wobbly leg, and you don't put them next to your odd uncle for a holiday meal. Let them experience the best of what you have to offer.  
Go forth and make your collaborations flourish!

Ana-Marie Jones, Executive Director

CARD - Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters
1736 Franklin Street, Suite 450, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510-451-3140 ~ Fax: 510-451-3144 ~ Cell: 510-207-0189 ~ Email:

Helping Nonprofits Prepare to Prosper!