The Brief - September 2012

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Vol. 8, No. 9                                                                                                        September 2012

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eFile Proposed Orders in WORD, not PDF 
When eFiling Proposed Forms of Order in AZTurboCourt (civil cases), and in the Clerk’s eFile system (criminal and tax cases) upload proposed orders in MS WORD format. All other documents should be uploaded in PDF in AZTurboCourt. Uploading proposed orders in WORD allows the judge to edit the document, resave it with the judge’s changes, and electronically file the order. Judges are unable to modify proposed orders that are uploaded (eFiled) in PDF.
Filing Fee Updates
Legislation effective August 2, 2012 changed the terminology for actions to review a final administrative decision (formerly referred to as administrative reviews). The cases continue under the civil case category, however, the initiating document formerly filed as a “Complaint” in Superior Court is now titled a “Notice of Appeal pursuant to ARS 12-904” and the initial response, formerly filed as an “Answer” is now titled a “Notice of Appearance pursuant to ARS 12-907.” If this is your practice area, please include the statutory cite in the title of the document when filing. This will reduce confusion and errors related to other appeals. The filing fees remain the same and the Clerk’s Office has updated the filing fee web page with the new terminology. This change effects decisions from administrative agencies appealed to Superior Court. For the full scope of the changes, including the specific statutes impacted, see Senate Bill 1193 from the 50th Legislature, Second Regular Session, posted online at
The Clerk’s Office updated its fee list to include documents where the $15 Arizona Lengthy Trial Fee applies, based on Administrative Order 2012-68 from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court designates which filings are assessed the fee per state statute. Each county’s Clerk will update its records to reflect the changes.
Remodel Continues
Construction continues on the Central Court Building and West Court Building in downtown Phoenix where the Clerk’s file counters are located. The first phase of construction, including the file counters and file counter support, will be completed by December. The second phase will continue through May 2013. The remodeled space will provide customers with seating and technology to improve service. Please allow additional time to conduct business in the Clerk’s office during construction and thank you for your patience.