On-line survey launched to gather information on Sierra Vista travel habits

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On-line survey launched to gather information on Sierra Vista travel habits


The City of Sierra Vista and the Arizona Department of Transportation are seeking public input for an on-going study to identify options to improve traffic flow by reducing the number of motorists who drive alone to work or school.


The Sierra Vista Transportation Efficiency Study has completed a survey of workers at the city’s largest workplaces to better understand how people commute and what types of programs would encourage them to make fewer single-occupancy vehicle trips. The study found that more than 90 percent of workers in Sierra Vista currently drive to and from work and school alone.


Today, the ADOT-administered study is launching an on-line survey to learn about the travel habits of the general population of Sierra Vista and to understand what alternative options would reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips.


Click here to send us your input today. The survey will be open to responses through Dec. 21.


The study team, which includes both Sierra Vista and ADOT transportation planners, is seeking to assess:


  • Travel behavior
  • Knowledge of and satisfaction with local transportation and transit options
  • Willingness of employers to embrace programs to reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips by workers
  • Willingness of workers and students to use alternate modes of transportation for commuting


Findings from the study will be used to develop a Travel Reduction Plan that will include strategies that decrease the number of single-occupant vehicles on Sierra Vista roads.


The federally funded study stems from the City of Sierra Vista Strategic Leadership Plan, which identified five transportation goals to meet quality of life needs in the community. Two of the five goals identified in the plan include reducing reliance on single-occupancy vehicle trips.


For more information about the study, visit http://www.azdot.gov/SierraV, or contact ADOT Project Manager Mark Hoffman at mhoffman@azdot.gov or by phone at (602) 712-7454,