NEWS RELEASE: WSGS Publishes Maps Under Legacy Program

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Wyoming State Geological Survey
April 9, 2015


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                Tallon Spring      Laramie Peak  
WSGS Publishes Maps Under Legacy Program

The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) has launched Wyoming Legacy Maps, a program for the release of newly published maps based on the agency’s past geologic mapping efforts.

The WSGS recently completed two maps under Wyoming Legacy Maps:

The map of Tallon Spring (24k) was originally released in 1989 as a WSGS Open File Report (OFR-1989-05). The authors are Alan Ver Ploeg, WSGS energy and minerals manager, and Phillip Greer, former staff member of the agency.

With many geologic maps, the identification of features such as outcrops and faults represent a geologic record of the past. These are often illustrated with symbols showing strikes, dips, and slips of folded rock layers.

“What we discovered with Tallon Spring map is the strike and slip, or horizontal motion on the Big Trails Fault,” says Ver Ploeg. “Previous small-scaling mapping efforts interpreted the motion on the fault as being vertical.” The new version of the map is also in color and includes a new cartographic layout. A geologic cross-section, or graphic diagram with a view of the subsurface as if it were cut open and seen from the side, was also added to the new map.

The Laramie Peak map (100k) was also recently published by the WSGS and created as a surficial geologic map. The authors are former WSGS staff geologists Jim Case and Laura Hallberg. "The release of this map provides the final 30’ x 60’ surficial geology map for the eastern half of the state,” says Seth Wittke, WSGS hazards geologist and manager.  “The data displayed on the map will provide information useful to future land development within the quadrangle boundaries."

WSGS Legacy Maps are available to view and download for free from the WSGS website. They are also available to purchase from the WSGS catalogue page. WSGS maps cover a variety of geologic topics, from bedrock and surficial geology, to maps pertaining to energy development and hazards in Wyoming.


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