Rock River Recovery Update

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Seasons Greetings Everyone!

Wrapping up 2014 and marching into winter and 2015, it's a good time to share updates on the Rock River Recovery.  We have some news/highlights from the past couple of months, and some announcements for 2015.  Be sure to follow the Rock River Coalition and watch Rock River Reflections for more news in January! (  Alsto check-in at the Rock River TMDL website for updates (

There has been a great deal of activity across Sector Teams and within our basin community since our annual meeting in September.  Some of the highlights include:

- A number of our partners and colleagues across the basin are delving into water quality trading and adaptive management permit compliance options.  They are working with both point and nonpoint source partners to find innovative solutions for WPDES permit compliance,

- We have growing interest from watershed groups and partners to explore their potential roles in watershed projects and facilitating trading and adaptive management,

- Citizen based monitoring efforts are expanding, both with existing programs as well as new partners/interests,

- The MS4/Stormwater Technical Guidance document has been released.

- A number of working meetings with various sector teams including Agriculture/NPS (November), Education & Outreach (November), the Implementation Team (November), and MS4/Stormwater (November),

- Ongoing development of the Rock River Recovery Implementation Plan, including the "County Template" to integrate NPS conservation practices with TMDL Implementation,

- and planning for future work efforts in 2015.

***  COMING SOON in 2015 - TO A VENUE NEAR YOU  ***

Planning is in the works for the following events in January/February (details will follow in the coming weeks - contact the meeting moderator for more information)

- Rock River Recovery TMDL Quarterly Update and Networking Forum (Mark Riedel, DNR,

     - Topics include: Sector Team Updates, Citizen Monitoring (Nancy Sheehan), DNR Water Quality Monitoring Program (Greg Searle, Dan Heim)

- Agriculture/NPS Sector Team Meeting (Mike Gilbertson, DNR, <>)

- Education / Outreach Sector Team (Andrew Yencha, UWEX, <>)

- MS4/Stormwater Sector Team (Eric Rortvedt, DNR, <>)


We're looking forward to seeing everyone in 2015!  Have a happy and safe holiday season :)

Best regards,


Mark Riedel, Ph.D., P.H.
Rock River and Milwaukee Estuary TMDL Project Manager – Southern District
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
3911 Fish Hatchery Rd

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Phone: (608) 275-3471