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Two people are standing on opposite banks of a river.  One yells across, "How do I get to the other side?"  The second replies, "You're already on the other side!"

Hot Topic


UW Extension is a great source of TMDL and Water Quality related educational materials!

> Citizen Monitoring

> Lakes & Rivers


The Sunfish Family

Beautiful Fish

UW Zoological Museum is offering a beautiful life-sized poster of fish species in our state.  While the full poster is 13' wide, smaller and lower-priced posters of artistic quality are also available. 



July 25:  Loop the Lake

July 9:  Yahara Lakes 101 - “Climate, Cities, and Farms: Challenges for Improving Water Quality”

Do you have a Rock River TMDL or water quality related event? We'll share it here!  Note - events must be educational or recreational  in nature.



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Watershed Planning

UW Extension has prepared an excellent resource for watershed groups and citizens interested in improving water quality:

The guide was developed for YOU. We recognize that grassroots efforts, involving local citizens with a passion for their local waterbodies, are the key to making improvements and being stewards of their water resources. This guide to watershed planning is written with the grassroots approach in mind. It offers processes, tips, lists, resources and other information to assist you in writing and implementing a watershed plan that will provide the framework for protecting or restoring local water resources.


Sector Team Updates



The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is pursuing a full-scale adaptive management project in the Yahara River Watershed.

Five grants were awarded through the 2015 Yahara WINs Grant program. These projects are examples of low-cost phosphorus reducing practices to improve water quality throughout the Yahara River basin and the Rock River Recovery efforts:

1. Fitchburg – Pond Enlargement

2. Madison – Enhanced Sand Filter

3. Fitchburg – Bioretention Facility

4. Dane County – Dairy Heifer Grazing Program

5. Clean Lakes Alliance – Rake for the Lakes Challenge


Ag Nonpoint Source

TMDL Implementation

The Ag/NPS sector team is incorporating feedback and suggestions from counties to address NPS implementation challenges in the TMDL.  We will be following up with counties in the next few months.


The following resources are helpful when addressing agriculture/NPS runoff management and compliance with NR151.

Implementing NR151:  Tools for Counties

Wisconsin Runoff Rules:  What Farmers Need to Know



WDNR will be working with the Monitoring Sector team to plan the next Sector Team meeting.  Contact Greg Searle if you are interested in participating.


Lake and River Planning, Lake Classification, and Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Grants are due December 10, 2015.  Now is the time to contact staff and discuss potential applications.

Lake Mendota Project

WDNR has completed monitoring on 12 of 36 sites in the upper Mendota watershed for fish, habitat, and water quality.

Did you know

...the tiny Daphnia play a critical role in lake ecosystems and water quality?  UW Center for Limnology explains how Daphnia pulicaria are threatened by the invasive spiny water flea and what this means for water quality.


Education & Outreach

July Quarterly Forum

In light of recent changes in funding and resources for Education and Outreach activities, the proposed topic for the July Quarterly Forum is Education & Outreach.  We would like to extend broad invitations to partners and stakeholders across the Rock River Basin to attend and participate in our coordinated efforts to for the Education and Outreach Sector Team.  A formal agenda, time and location will be announced soon.

UW Extension, Andy Yencha

Our Co-Leader, Andy Yencha, Natural Resources and Basin Educator of UW Extension, has accepted a new position with Lynden Sculpture Garden in River Hills Wisconsin.  Andy's ongoing efforts and support made many of our shared activities and events possible.  We will truly miss Andy's "can-do" attitude, wonderful suggestions and insights, and warm and friendly demeanor.  

Unfortunately, his position will remain unfilled while the UW-Extension evaluates its educational delivery model following budget cuts later this year.  The Wisconsin Water Star program, which Andy coordinated, has been suspended indefinitely.  Municipalities interested in evaluating their environmental performance are encouraged to check out the new EcoScore program.

Stormwater Pond


The Rock River Stormwater Group (RRSG) is a coalition of ten municipalities, UW-Whitewater and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) representatives. The RRSG implements Stormwater Education and promotes sustainable stormwater practices in the Rock River Basin. RRSG also collaborates with the Madison Area Stormwater Partnership, a sister organization within the Rock River watershed that focuses on the Madison area.  These efforts facilitate implementation of Rock River TMDL via the MS4 stormwater discharge permit program.

If your organization is interested in membership, Renew the Rock materials or any other information, please contact:

Jason Valerius

Renew the Rock Campaign Coordinator