PSERN Newsletter- October Edition

The geo-tech team testing the ground at the Grass Mountain Site. Photo Credit Sean Douglas

From the Director

The PSERN team is incredibly busy and working very hard each day on project activities.

Currently, we are continuing site visits and surveys with the Architecture and Engineering (A&E) Consultant. Geo-Tech work has also begun at some of the sites as well. The geo-tech work is important as we try to figure out what type of foundation that is required for each individual site. Based on the results we will begin reviewing preliminary drawings and designs for the sites which means that we will be able to start building towers in the near future.

In addition to the work going on at actual sites, the PSERN Task Force has completed the standard radio equipment selection process. Now that the selection process is complete, their recommendations must be approved by the PSERN Joint Board. Lastly, we are working on the site leases which are a key part of the site acquisition.

As you can imagine on a project this size and magnitute there are a lot of moving parts. We have a dedicated staff working hard each day to ensure that we follow through on our promise to deliver this important project to the first responders who protect our community.  Thank you for your continued support.

- David Mendel, PSERN Project Director

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PSERN Spotlight- Hai Phung, PSERN Project Manager

PSERN Project Manager Hai Phung always hard at work! Photo Credit: Karla Clark
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How many years have you been working on the PSERN project?

I have been with the project since 2011.

How would you describe your day to day responsibilities for PSERN?

My main job duties as the project manager are to move the project forward, meet the project timeline and stay within the budget.  I have an opportunity to work with project team members, regional partners, system vendor and consultants to achieve these objectives.

What is your favorite part of the job?  

I like many things about this job, but working with a great team and seeing the progress we achieved together is the most rewarding!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The project is so dynamic so at any time there are many balls in the air we have to juggle.

What is your most memorable moment on the project to date?

Prior to the ballot measure, we were working on various aspects of the project, developing project scope, working on system specifications, negotiating consultant and vendor contracts. When we received final voter approval of the project funding , it was the most exciting moment for me knowing that we can move forward with the project.


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We know that there are many questions about what type of radio equipment will be replacing the current radio equipment first responders use. Below are some answers:

Will the project provide new radios?

Yes. The project will provide all new radios--mobile and portable.

What type of radios will be provided?

The project will buy Motorola “standard” radios. Any extra features must be paid by each individual user agency. 

What are some of the features for the new radios?

The new radios will have more channels, GPS location capabilities, encryption capable, programming of radios over the air or at remote centers. 

Is the project replacing recorders? No. The project is only replacing radios that are used for recording.


In Other News....

The Project has selected a construction management firm--KPFF Consulting Engineers.  KPFF will assist with monitoring scope, schedule and budget on the project.

 We are also close to finalizing the request for proposal (RFP) for a construction vendor. The construction vendor will be responsible for the actual building on the sites.

Glimpse on how the foundation for a radio tower is built.

New Team Member?

Guess who?

As you know the team is looking to expand! We recently hired an Senior IT Administrator and we are in the process of hiring another construction manager. The guy under the white hat above really wants to join the team as a spokesperson so we are checking out his credentials. Be sure to follow us on Twitter next week to find out if he made the team! @radiomatters


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