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From the Director

marine unit
King County Sheriff Marine/Dive/Rescue Unit. Photo Credit: King County Sheriff's Department

It took several years to come up with a comprehensive plan of action for a new emergency radio system that would have that would have the capacity, coverage and capability our first responders need to communicate effectively. Now that we have approval from voters to move ahead with the PSERN project, there is a lot more work to do!

The project team has been working fast and furious to get the project underway. Right now we are working with the system vendor Motorola to identify a project schedule. We recently had a Notice to Proceed (NTP) meeting where we discussed the details of what is needed in order to move the project in a timely manner. Once a schedule is agreed upon and finalized, then we will issue Notice to Proceed to the vendor. (See tentative schedule below)

In addition to continuing site visits and other project duties the team attended two hearings with the Metropolitan King County Council last month regarding the project Interlocal Agreements. Council is doing its due diligence to understand these complicated agreements and we expect passage of them soon.

We will continue to keep you posted on milestones reached as the project moves forward. Thank you for your continued support.

-David Mendel, PSERN Project Director

Download a tentative PSERN Project Schedule Here:

Project Schedule

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Team Spotlight-PSERN New Staff

PSERN Project Administrator Kieu Ton keeps the team on track.

Kieu Ton joined the PSERN Team last month and we are so thrilled to have her! Kieu has been with King County for 16 years, mostly in Business and Finance Section, and the last 2 years with PMO/UC (Lync) team.

She has managed facility logistics, assisted with off-site functions and is a SharePoint expert helping other teams manage their sites on demand. When she isn't keeping things running smooth at work,  Kieu is the proud mom of two kids ages 11 and 6. 

PSERN Construction Manager Rob Anslow ensures work runs efficiently in the field.

The PSERN team is happy to welcome Rob Anslow as one of our new Radio Site Construction Managers. Rob brings a wealth of new experience with more than 17 years of wireless industry experience. He has worked with major companies including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Crown Castle, American Tower and General Dynamics.

In addition, he has worked on other dynamic public safety projects including the United States Coast Guard Rescue 21 Project and the City of Scottsdale Emergency Radio Project. Rob is a native of Arizona but now resides in the great Northwest with his wife and daughter.

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Next Issue: July 2015

New Flash!

Welcome to the 4th issue of PSERN News! This is the place to stay up to date on the latest milestones, schedules and other happenings on the project. Until now, the newsletter has been a bi-monthly publication. Due to popular demand PSERN News will be distributed monthly!

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Happening Now!

Radio Tower at the Skyway site. Photo Credit: Karla Clark

Our Architecture and Engineering Consultant Odelia Pacific Corporation has been conducting site viability assessments on the system vendor preliminary design sites.  During these assessments, we found that there are some sites that are not viable.

As a result we will be working with the system vendor Motorola to address those particular sites.  This continuing effort will help us decide which sites can be moved to the next steps on leasing and permitting activities.

Mountain Top View from the Skyline site. Photo Credit: Sean Douglas

Site development is a major effort for us in the next couple of years to get all of the sites ready for radio system vendor to install and test the PSERN equipment. 

As part of this effort, we have signed contract with an architectural/engineering (A/E) consultant, hired two construction managers and will be issuing an RFP for construction management consultant in the near future.  We will also be issuing an RFP for construction contractor in early August, 2015. 

Currently, we are coordinating with KC Prosecuting Attorney Office, Facility Management Division, outside counsel and A/E consultant to prepare for leasing and permitting activities that will be starting in June 2015. 


Future Activities

bothell fire
First responders from Bothell Fire on location.

There are a lot of activities that will take place over the next few years. Here is a broad glimpse at a couple:

PSERN Video- The team is producing a video that will give you some insight on the project from the perspective of first responders and project team members.

User Training- A train the trainer approach will take place when it comes time to train first responders on the new system. Agency staff will be trained by the system vendor in a series of training sessions so that they can go back and train their team members.

We will continue to add activities here. As time gets closer we will update this information with specific dates, times and locations. Stay tuned! 


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