Innovation taking shape in two Accountable Communities of Health

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November 25, 2015

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Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) are an essential component of Healthier Washington and recently two additional communities reached a milestone in their journeys to achieve healthy populations. 

The King County ACH and Better Health Together in the Spokane region both received designation as ACHs on November 19.

There are nine ACH regions that collectively cover the entire state and four have achieved official designation status.

Designation means the ACH has:

  • Demonstrated a governance structure that reflects balanced multi-sector engagement,
  • Strong backbone support to perform financial, administrative and other collaborative functions,
  • Identified priority areas and strengths based on ongoing regional health needs,
  • Established an operating budget with an eye toward sustainability.

The ACH in King County operates in a region with a long history of multi-sector collaboration and intends to build on and accelerate many health improvement initiatives already under way in the region, such as integrating physical and behavioral health services, redesigning service models for people with complex needs, advancing housing and health linkages, and championing local initiatives to build healthier places.   

The King County ACH is grounded in the prevention-focused Health and Human Services Transformation Plan, which recognizes that the region’s overall high quality of life masks profound disparities in health and well-being.

The mission for Better Health Together is to radically improve the health of its region through innovative and collaborative action. BHT will continue to work across sectors and throughout its urban and rural counties to address their key priorities of: 

  • Dramatically improving whole-person care through the integration of behavioral, physical and oral health systems;
  • Expanding oral health access;
  • Developing strong community systems that link housing, food security and
    income stability;
  • Dramatically decreasing obesity rates across all populations through prevention; and
  • Scaling community-based care coordination to improve health.

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