COVID-19 Please Be Prepared

Developmental Disabilities Administration

February 22, 2021

Dear Community Residential Support Service providers:

We’ve been informed by our partners at RCS that not all agencies are fully prepared for COVID-19 positives.  It is important that all providers are prepared to react quickly to positive COVID-19 cases in staff and clients. Preparation should begin now; do not wait for positive cases.

In order to prepare:

  • Make sure you have enough Personal Protective Equipment. See DDA Process for Procuring Personal Protective Equipment, which includes frequently asked questions and PPE resources. 
  • Have a policy for infection control and train all staff on how to implement it. See WAC 388-101D-0060 for policy requirements related to emergency response. For Group Training Homes, infection control practice requirements can be found in WAC 388-101D 0645.
  • Monitor the systems you put into place. You can use the Infection Control/Response Quality Assurance Tool on the DDA Residential Provider Resource page to help assure you have good systems in place. Look for it under “Tools.”

Contact us for questions or feedback.