Employment and Day Providers: COVID-19 DDA Reporting Requirements

Developmental Disabilities Administration

January 26, 2021

COVID-19 Reporting Requirements for Employment and Day Program Providers

Reporting to DSHS' Developmental Disabilities Administration

Providers must provide an incident report to DSHS within one work day for confirmed positive COVID-19 cases involving clients or staff. Although these incidents are classified under the incident reporting type Natural Disaster/Environmental Conditions Threatening Client safety or Program Operation, they no longer require notification to the agency within one hour. Follow the one-day protocol in DSHS' DDA Policy 6.08, Incident Management and Reporting Requirements for County and County Contracted Providers

Providers must report:

  • Client and staff confirmed positive COVID-19 cases. For staff confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, only report staff who have:
    • Client contact; or
    • Contact with other staff who support clients.

Provide one incident report for staff confirmed positive COVID-19 cases. Email the incident report to one case resource manager and cc their supervisor. The incident report must include the names of each client the staff has worked with or potentially exposed.

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