COVID-19 DDA Reporting Timeline Clarification

Developmental Disabilities Administration

December 18, 2020

COVID-19 Reporting Obligations to DDA for Alternative Living, Companion Home, Supported Living, Group Home, Group Training Home and Staffed Residential providers:

Reporting to DSHS' Developmental Disabilities Administration 

  • Method: Incident report to DDA within one workday for confirmed positive cases involving clients or staff.  Although these incidents are classified under the incident reporting type Natural Disaster/Environmental Conditions Threatening Client safety or Program Operation, they no longer require notification to DDA within one hour. Follow the one day protocol in DDA Policy 6.12, Incident Management and Reporting Requirements for Residential Services Providers
  • In cases where COVID-19 positive clients are hospitalized in critical condition or in COVID-19 related deaths, follow the one hour protocol.
  • Reason: DDA assesses the impact on clients and providers and allocates appropriate resources. This information is used to provide daily updates to the Secretary of DSHS and responds to legislative and media inquiries about the prevalence of COVID-19 in our Community Residential programs. DDA also maintains information for the public and providers on the prevalence of COVID in residential programs by county.  

Continue to use the regional and after hours contact numbers for emergency PPE and other COVID-19 related resource and information needs.

Department of Social and Health Services’ Aging and Long-Term Support Administration is contracting with temporary nurse staffing agencies to provide ’Rapid Response Crisis Staffing’ teams across the state. Please see the Dear Provider Letter for more information.

Note: State Operated Community Residential programs must continue to report up the chain-of-command per SOCR reporting requirements and expectations. These remain under the one hour protocol requirement.


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