Registration for the Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program

Developmental Disabilities Administration

December 4, 2020

Registration for the Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program

Registration for the Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care program is still available for facilities/agencies by registering through the Washington State Department of Health survey. The program was created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and is a partnership with CVS and Walgreens to offer on-site COVID-19 vaccines to residents of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other community-based, congregate living settings where most individuals over 65 years of age are receiving care, supervision, or assistance.

If not already, please register as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, Dec. 4, 2020 at 1p.m. local time through this link:  DOH will not accept registrations after this date and time.

Please click here to read the Dear Provider letter sent Oct. 23, 2020 

If you have questions about the program or registrations, please contact Kathy Bay at

A few questions that we’ve heard from agencies:

  1. What is the cost for the program? Answer: The program is free to the agency and there will be no direct cost for the client. 
  2. What is the pharmacy’s role? Answer: The pharmacy will work as a support team. It will manage the vaccine handling and storage, administration, and documentation. 
  3. Will the vaccines be given at the home? Answer: The pharmacy will coordinate directly with the agency for onsite vaccinations for interested clients.
  4. What if the agency already has a partnership with a long-term care pharmacy? Answer: This is a short-term process to help vaccinate this high-risk population. The pharmacy will also return twice to give the second dose of the vaccine, and the facility can return to prior long-term care pharmacy partnerships after the initial vaccines are provided. 
  5. Do all of the clients have to be immunized? Answer: The vaccine will only be administered to clients who want to be immunized. 
  6. Can caregivers and employees  be vaccinated at the same time? Answer:  Caregivers/employees may be immunized in an earlier phase of the program, but if not, they can be immunized with clients.
  7. Can Supported Living Providers register? Answer: Yes, if they meet the client population identified above. They select “other” as the facility type, then type “Supported Living” or “Group Training Home/Group Home.”

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