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July 2013 Issue


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Feature Topic

Mobile Education on PTSD

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We live in an on-the-go convenience-driven society. To suit the busy lifestyles of today, PTSD information is available in audio podcasts and mobile apps. Self-help and coping information is also available online.

PTSD Audio Podcasts

Listen to learn about PTSD and treatment that can help. Podcasts of Understanding PTSD* and Understanding PTSD treatment* are now available in iTunes and mp3 for streaming or download. Families of Veterans may also want to listen to Returning from the War Zone: A Guide for Families of Military Personnel*.

Don't use iTunes? Access mp3 audio podcast versions and find modules and booklets on the PTSD Web site or visit our mobile site.

"Treatment Companion" Mobile Apps

Screen of an iPhone with a Mobile App

In addition to self-help apps, such as the PTSD Coach Mobile App, learn about and try treatment companion apps. These apps are for use between a therapist and patient during clinical care, designed to make treatment easier.

  • CBTi Coach (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia): Nightmares? Trouble sleeping? Help for these two symptoms of PTSD.
  • Stay Quit Coach: For help quitting smoking. Veterans- The number of Veterans who smoke is almost double for those with PTSD. Call for help quitting smoking: 1-855-QUIT-VET (855-784-8838). Live individualized counseling and follow up calls.
  • PE Coach: To be used during Prolonged Exposure (PE) therapy with a mental health professional.

Apps are not meant to replace in-person visits or other forms of communications with your health care provider. In case of a health emergency, call 911 immediately.

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For Providers

Audio Option for Learning

Busy providers can stay up on the latest in trauma care. Stream or download dozens of audio podcasts from the PTSD 101 Curriculum in iTunes:* Featuring content from over 20 PTSD 101 Online Courses. Mp3 files and transcripts are available.

Treatment Companion Apps: Provider Information

Augment face-to-face care with treatment companion and other apps. See Mobile Apps for Professionals.

To learn about providing the interventions in the treatment companion apps see the PTSD 101 Courses (audio podcasts available):

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 For VA Providers

VA Monthly Lecture Series

Subscribe: Learn about these PTSD Lectures

VA staff, please sign up for VA Staff PTSD Updates to receive monthly notices that include a registration link and instructions for joining these live lectures:

PTSD Psychopharmacology Best Practices

3rd Wednesday of each month, 2 pm ET

  • 08/21 - Boadie Dunlop on Pharmacological Innovations for PTSD

VA PTSD Consultation Program Lecture Series

3rd Tuesday of each month, 2 pm EST

  • 08/20 - Beth Jeffries on Ethical Issues in treating PTSD in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans

VA PTSD Consultation Program

Consultation Program

Free PTSD consultation for anyone working with Veterans. Call 866-948-7880 or email

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Research at the Center

Researchers are completing a study evaluating the impact of one of the Center’s online provider courses, "PTSD 101: VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for PTSD Overview". Preliminary analyses show that the course improves knowledge and attitudes about practice guidelines in a large nationally-representative sample of providers.

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PTSD in the News

Vets Benefit from PTSD Exposure Therapy. MedPage Today discusses this study published in JAMA Psychiatry about effective use of prolonged exposure therapy in VA. Read more* | Read JAMA Psychiatry article*

7/30/13 Connected Health Showcase. VA will demonstrate innovations to virtually connect patients with services and create bridges between health care and information technology, allowing the delivery of health care, when and where Veterans need it. Read more.

PTSD May Raise Heart Risks for Vietnam Veterans. Study found those with PTSD were more likely to have heart trouble, even after accounting for lifestyle factors. Read more.*

On PTSD Awareness Month. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathy Sebelius, comments on PTSD Awareness Month. Read more.

Thank you to all of those who helped to raise awareness of PTSD in June. The National Center for PTSD will continue to advance the science and promote understanding of traumatic stress. Be sure to tell others about the resources on

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Feature Topic next month: Online Self-Help Tools for PTSD… Introducing PTSD Coach ONLINE.

The Staff of the National Center for PTSD

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