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June 2013 Special Issue


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Feature Topic

June is PTSD Awareness Month

PTSD Awareness Month: Take the Step. Raise PTSD Awareness

June is PTSD Awareness Month. Join us to help those with PTSD.

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Raise Your PTSD Awareness

During each week in June visit Learn more about PTSD. Challenge your beliefs. Explore the options for PTSD treatment and coping with symptoms. Reach out. Make a difference.

You can also read 10 Steps to Raise PTSD Awareness.

Help us Raise PTSD Awareness

A group of multi-ethnic women standing together

You can also help spread the word. We provide a variety of ideas and Promotional Materials to help you take the step to raise PTSD awareness in June, including:

  • PTSD Awareness Flyers to print and post
  • PTSD educational materials to print and handout
  • Stories, Web graphics, and social media posts to use

Let us know about your contributions to this cause. Complete the Raise PTSD Awareness Pledge (.doc) or email

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For Providers

Keeping You Up-to-Date

All year you can learn about the best practices in PTSD assessment and treatment at Each week in June we highlight tools you can use to better help those with PTSD.

We continually work to bring new research findings into practice. So in June, please encourage others to sign up for this PTSD Monthly Update and other regular publications from the National Center for PTSD.

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 For VA Providers and Staff

VA-specific Promotional Materials

Find additional VA-specific promotional materials on our PTSD intranet site,, such as Web site banners for VA Medical Center pages and screen savers for VA computers. Also, be sure to tell other VA staff about the lectures and program below.

PTSD Psychopharmacology Best Practices Lecture Series

3rd Wednesday of each month, 2 pm ET. VA staff please email us to sign up.

  • 06/19 - Tasha Souter, M.D. and Nancy Bernardy, Ph.D. on Strategies to Decrease Benzodiazepine Use in PTSD Care

VA PTSD Consultation Program Lecture Series

3rd Tuesday of each month, 2 pm ET. VA staff please email to sign up.

  • 06/18 - Jennifer Burden, Ph.D. on Residential Treatment for PTSD
Consultation Program

Free PTSD consultation for anyone working with Veterans. Call the VA PTSD Consultation Program at 866-948-7880 or email

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For the Media

Members of the media (TV, radio, print and social!). Please help spread the word that there are PTSD treatments that can help. Find engaging materials for your use on our PTSD Awareness Month Promotional Materials page.

AboutFace online video gallery-Veteran talking

Preview the PSA on YouTube

Materials include TV and radio PTSD public service announcements (PSAs). The PSAs are from the award winning AboutFace, an online video gallery dedicated to Veterans talking about how they turned their lives around with PTSD treatment.

And remember, June 27th is PTSD Awareness Day!
Visit our Website to find out how to Take the Step and Raise PTSD Awareness.

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Thank you,

The Staff of the National Center for PTSD

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