Talking to your Doctor about PTSD: PTSD Monthly Update, August 2016

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August 2016 Issue


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Talking to your Doctor about PTSD

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In your life, have you ever had any experience that was so frightening, horrible, or upsetting that, in the past month, you:

  • Have had nightmares about it or thought about it when you did not want to?
  • Tried hard not to think about it or went out of your way to avoid situations that reminded you of it?
  • Were constantly on guard, watchful, or easily startled?
  • Felt numb or detached from others, activities, or your surroundings?

If you answered "yes" to any three items, you should think about seeing your primary care provider or a mental health provider. Here's some information to help you prepare for your appointment, and what to expect.

A Word About Treatment

It's important for you to see a provider who can help you with PTSD, as soon as you can. The good news is that PTSD can be treated. The earlier you get treatment, the better the chance for a full recovery.

Treatment may include "talk" therapy, medication, or both. Evidence based talk therapy usually lasts 3-4 months. For some people, it can take longer. Treatment is not the same for everyone. What works for you might not work for someone else.

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For Providers

PTSD 101 Courses

PTSD Lecture Series

Free continuing education credits for our monthly lecture series:

8/17 at 2 pm ET - Juliette Harik, PhD on Shared Decision Making for PTSD

Mark your calendar for the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2 pm ET.

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Consult with PTSD Experts

PTSD Consultation Program

The PTSD Consultation Program offers free PTSD consultation to any provider who treats Veterans in any setting.

This program is now open to Community Providers.

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PTSD in the News

Fireworks a Good Starting Point to Talk about PTSD. Dr. Sonya Norman, Director of the PTSD Consultation Program, talks with the San Antonio Express News about the effects of fireworks on Veterans who have PTSD. Read more.*

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