VA, DoD Team Up To Improve eBenefits by Migrating National Resource Directory

 VA, DoD Team Up to

Improve eBenefits by Migrating 

National Resource Directory

The Department of Veterans Affairs, in collaboration with the Departments of Defense and Labor, will be integrating the National Resource Directory (NRD) into eBenefits to improve access to health care, benefits information and more.

Veterans will be able to find enhanced self-service capabilities and resources from one site, improving access to information and assistance.

The NRD offers more than 15,000 resources that have met quality assurance criteria to ensure that every program and organization listed is acting in good faith and making a positive difference for wounded warriors, Service members, Veterans, their families members and caregivers. Every resource is checked prior to being listed and re-checked on an annual basis to ensure it is still compliant with the NRD Participation Policy.

While some functionality will change, the majority of existing capabilities will still be available after the integration allowing the NRD to continue to address the needs of wounded warriors, Service members, Veterans, their families members and caregivers by providing direct access to resources.

Entering “” into your web browser, for the desktop version, will take you to the new location of the site on eBenefits.

The integration will not move existing NRD profiles to eBenefits, so users will have to create or use their existing eBenefits profile, verified through DS Logon.

For NRD users with widgets, or those using API code, automatic updates will continue through the new version of the NRD. Any website or app that currently leverages existing NRD technologies will not need to take any measures as part of the integration.

Integrating the NRD into eBenefits is just one step the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) is taking to improve access to health care and benefits for wounded warriors, Service members, Veterans, their families members and caregivers. eBenefits users can also now seamlessly access MyPay with single sign on and order prescription refill, secure messaging with physician and view medical appointments through the MyHealtheVet Blue Button.

For more information, go to or call VA’s toll-free number at 1-877-222-VETS (8387) or email the NRD at