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Create a Family Health History

Exploring your family's health history can help you discover your genetic heritage and risks, and guide you in making healthy choices. (From NIH’s National Human Genome Research Institute)

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Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Learn what steps you can take to reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes. (From NIH News in Health)

Osteoclast cells.

Inside a Bone Remodeling Project

Our bones strike a delicate balance between destruction and formation. If the balance goes awry, it can lead to trouble. (From the NIH Director’s Blog)

Woman and her son, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder.

DNA Sequencing Detects Disease-Causing Glitches

In some patients with suspected genetic conditions, a technique called whole-exome sequencing provided a molecular diagnosis. (From NIH Research Matters)

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