Wednesday News Round-Up: Monday Motivational Message: Kool-Aid Smile; The battle with eating disorders


Monday Motivational Message

Monday Motivational Message: Kool-Aid Smile


Reflecting on my childhood summers in Mississippi always brings back wonderful memories for me. Whether it was riding our bikes all over town, or playing Little League Baseball at the park, or going fishing every morning or just playing outside all daylong, the summer months were very happy times. But the thing that makes me smile the most is remembering the big glass of Kool-Aid that was waiting for us after each event. 


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The battle with eating disorders

An eating disorder can impact your performance, both physically and mentally. But you can take steps to overcome it.


Eating disorders are serious conditions involving a person’s attitudes and behaviors toward food, weight, and body image. People with eating disorders eat extremely small or excessive amounts of food and usually feel embarrassment, disgust, and depression.


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Battle with eating disorders