Warren Buffett on investing in the USA:

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Warren Buffett to Investors:

"Once you learn about the game in the United States, you're going to want to come here."

Message from Warren Buffett to International Investors in the USA

Listen to Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett's special three-minute message to international investors who are thinking about locating or expanding in the United States:

"The United States is a market almost like none other. You have a GDP of $17.5 trillion. You have 320 million+ consumers; a very high percentage of them that have significant disposable income. You have innovation encouraged and alive in all parts of the United States. You have people who like to work and get ahead." 

"It's what I call the mother lode of opportunity, and that mother lode runs wide and deep under the United States. The past has been great, but the future is going to be better."

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Crowd at the 2015 SelectUSA Summit

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