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Join our SelectUSA Road Show in the land down under from September 7 - 12! This four-city Road Show offers a wonderful opportunity to bring together U.S. EDOs with investors from this important region. Read on for reasons why you should join us.

SAVE THE DATE: We'll be hosting a webinar on May 14 with even more details about the Road Show and market opportunities. Register at: http://bit.ly/SelecUSAwebinarAU-NZ

New Zealand

New Zealand

The Road Show will kick off in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2012 FDI from New Zealand to the U.S. equaled $2.3 billion. With a diverse population of close to 4.5 million, the country reported a total GDP of $171.3 billion in the same year.

Industry strengths include services, high-value manufacturing, creative industries, food and beverages, agribusiness, life sciences, and ICT industries.



Australia is the 10th largest investor in the United States. To put it into context, Australian companies accounted for over $51 billion in FDI in 2012 – that’s almost as much as investment from all of South and Central America combined (which was nearly $53 billion).

Australia is one of the largest capitalist economies in the world with a GDP of $1.5 trillion.  The economy is mature and diversified and key industries include resources, agriculture, professional services, software and ICT.

Three of the four Road Show cities will be in Australia, with visits to Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth - the economic powerhouses of the country.

                                            SAVE THE DATE: MAY 14 - Webinar

Do these markets sound like a good fit for your location? Or maybe you're just curious to learn more facts?

Join us for our Road Show Webinar on May 14 (5:30pm to 6:30pm Eastern) to hear more about the opportunities you could experience in these markets.

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