New BEA FDI Numbers Released

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Released This Week: New BEA Numbers

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released highly-anticipated data highlighting new foreign direct investment (FDI) expenditures in the United States with detail by industry, source, source country, and destination state. For the first time ever, BEA is publishing data on greenfield investment that includes the establishment and expansion of U.S. affiliates in the U.S. by foreign investors. Additionally, BEA is providing data on reported planned future investment beyond 2014. 

Among the data for new FDI expenditures in 2014:

$241.3 billion - Total new FDI expenditures into the United States

  • Greenfield investments (U.S. businesses established and/or expanded) accounted for nearly 7% of the total amount - over $16.5 billion
  • Acquisitions accounted for the remaining 93% - $224.7 billion
  • Manufacturing dominated new FDI investment in 2014, accounting for almost 60% of total new investment, with $139.1 billion
FDI Expenditures 2014

To read the full report, head over to the BEA's website.

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