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Secretary Penny Pritzker

Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker:  “The completion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a testament to our Administration’s strong commitment to strengthening America’s competitiveness, increasing opportunities for our businesses and workers, promoting our values worldwide, and raising the global standard of living. It’s a forward-thinking deal that improves America’s access to some of the fastest-growing markets in the world and includes the largest expansion of labor rights in history, the most far-reaching environmental commitments of any international agreement, and first-of-its kind provisions to promote innovation and strengthen the digital economy. In short, it is an agreement that should make Americans proud.

The text of the TPP is now live online and available for anyone to read. At the Department of Commerce, part of our job is to help individuals and businesses across the country understand the real benefits of the agreement, using data to demonstrate the potential impact of TPP on individual states and industry sectors. In addition, we will serve as a long-term partner for businesses of all sizes as TPP is passed and implemented. We are committed to ensuring that our workers and our companies have the information necessary to take advantage of this transformational deal.”

Additional resources are posted on the International Trade Administration’s TPP site.  We’re rolling out state fact sheets, with nine available so far. We're also sharing industry fact sheets, starting with chemicals, consumer goods, and services. Stay tuned for 12 more!

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