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August 2015

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Lets Move

5 Simple Steps to     Success: 

Helpful tips and step-by-step strategies for families, schools and communities to help kids be more active, eat better and grow up healthy.

  • Parents- Get on the right track to eat well and to stay fit.
  • Schools- Add healthy living to lesson plans.
  • Community Leaders- Empower families and communities to make healthy decisions.
  • Chefs- Create healthy dishes to teach about food and nutrition.
  • Kids- Have fun being active and eating healthy.

For more information about Let's Move and the 5 Steps to success visit

Quote of the Month: 

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

- Nelson Mandela


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Consumer Products Information

Would you like to learn more about consumer product recalls? Sign up for alerts by clicking the Consumer Product Safety Commission logo.


Celebrating a Center Expansion

Kids by the Bay in San Francisco opened three new classrooms and a new multipurpose room this summer.  The expansion doubles the infant and toddler capacity providing much needed child care spaces for the Federal and San Francisco Community. The building team set the bar high, going from idea to design to construction to occupancy in less than a year!  Inside and outside spaces are functional and beautiful, a job well done!

Kids By the Bay Collage
Kids by the Bay Federal CCC San Francisco, CA

Click, Check and Protect: Selecting Safe Materials for Children

Safety First

Each year, tens of millions of children are needlessly exposed to unsafe products, materials and foods that have been recalled.  Always pay attention to the new equipment, materials and art supplies that you are using in the center.  Flea markets and garage sales are fun places to find loose parts and reclaimed materials but chances are these materials may not meet U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), ASTM International (ASTM), or other applicable child care standards. Older and imported toys often can have higher levels of lead content and are not considered safe for children. 

 ​Child safety measures should include:    

  • Buying toys and materials from reputable vendors
  • Removing well-worn and teethed toys
  • Completing product registration forms
  • Continuing to monitor CPSC on a regular basis to ensure that equipment or materials have not been recalled

To learn more on how to comply with the federal consumer product safety rules on lead visit the following resources.

A list of recalls can be accessed at, or you can subscribe to an email notification list from the CPSC at

Eco-Healthy Child Care Standard 15:  “We screen our toys for lead by searching or”

Caring for our Children 3 Standard Safety of Equipment, Materials, and Furnishings



September is Emergency Preparedness Month

Don't Wait Communicate

GSA Child Care Centers Prepare Everyday! 

Did you know 50% of Americans have not developed an Emergency Preparedness Plan?  When you prepare and practice for an emergency in advance, it makes a real difference in your ability to take immediate, informed action and recover quicker. Participation in drills, exercises, and training helps establish patterns that support quick and effective action during an emergency.  Start planning now for how you can focus your efforts in September for National Emergency Preparedness Month. Look for stories, tips and resources in our next newsletter.

2015 NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS MONTH hazard focused themes:

     Week 1:  September 1-5th          Flood

     Week 2:  September 6-12th        Wildfire

     Week 3:  September 13-19th      Hurricane

     Week 4:  September 20-26th      Power Outage

     Week 5:  September 27-30th     NationalPrepareAthon! Day                                                             (September 30th)