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Volume 2, Issue 19, June 21, 2016

The Dirt - New and Notes from FNS's Office of Community Food Systems
Farm to School Census Overview

Are you a data dork? Dig into the Farm to School Census data!

The Farm to School Census is valuable tool for increasing the use of local foods in school meals, growing the number of school gardens and expanding the number of opportunities for food, agriculture, and nutrition related activities in school related settings. For example, the Census can be used to expand markets, direct training and technical assistance, and support policy development. Today, USDA is pleased to release the raw data from the 2015 Farm to School Census.

Click here to download the data.

Information is available from all 12,585 respondents that completed the 2015 Census. At the respondent level, the spreadsheet contains secondary data, including matched data from the Common Core of Data. A separate excel file is also available at the state and national level for state and national level analysis. Schools or districts that have received HealthierUS School Challenge: Smarter Lunchroom (HUSSC: SL) awards are also now noted on each respondent webpage. Later this summer, USDA will release a new data explorer tool so users can more easily explore the 2015 data and complete customized searches. Data from the 2013 Farm to School Census can be found online at the bottom of this webpage.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming webinars about using Census data.

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