The Delaware Docket - 2014 Quarter 3


Pro Hac Vice - Electronic Order

Effective November 10, 2014, pro hac vice motions will be accepted electronically.  It is imperative that the updated Local Form 105, located on the website, is used exclusively going forward.  There is no signature line with a date on the form because that will be added when the order is electronically signed.  If an additional page is required for certification information please add the certification on the second page, with the order information and blank space at the bottom of the first page. The electronic filing of the motion will not change.  After the motion is filed, there is an additional step to upload the proposed order into CM/ECF.  There is no need to submit a hard copy directly to chambers.  Please review the electronic learning module on the court's website for step by step instructions on uploading the order.

Notice to Financial Management Course Providers

Effective October 22nd, 2014 a PACER login is now required for all personal financial management course providers.

There is also a requirement for the certificate that is uploaded to be in PDF/A format.  


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Coming Soon...

Selection of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge

Laurie Selber Silverstein, Esq. has been tentatively selected as U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for the District of Delaware.

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Statement of Social Security Number (Official Form 21)

The court will begin docketing Official Form 21 with restricted access.  A docket number will be assigned, however if clicked, a message will appear that the image is restricted and cannot be viewed.

Counsel will still continue to email the forms to the mailbox.  In the near future, counsel will have the ability to docket them eliminating the need to email the form to the court.  An electronic learning module will be provided to display the procedure for docketing.

New Forms

Effective December 1, 2014 several official forms will be updated.

There are a few updates to fees also effective December 1, 2014 - once that information is available it will be posted on the court's website.

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