The Delaware Docket - First Quarter 2014


2014 Third Circuit Judicial Conference

The 2014 Third Circuit Judicial Conference will take place May 7-9 at Hershey Lodge in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This is the 71st Judicial Conference of the Third Circuit. All judges and attorneys are invited to attend the Conference sessions. Guests are welcome to all social events. 

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New Fees Effective June 1st

The Judicial Conference approved an increase to the adversary filing fee in bankruptcy proceedings.  The new fee will be equivalent to the filing fee for civil cases in the district courts, $350.  The Conference also approved increases to the administrative fee assessed at filing in every bankruptcy case.  The administrative fee, that is included in the total fee, was formerly $46 for each chapter.  On June 1, 2014, the administrative fee will be raised to $75 for chapters 7, 12, 13, and $550 for chapters 9, 11, 15.   As a result, the new filing fees will be as follows: Chapter 7-$335, Chapter 9-$1717, Chapter 11-$1717, Chapter 12-$275, Chapter 13-$310,  & Chapter 15-$1717

The new administrative fee will also be applied to "divided" bankruptcy cases.  The fee will be paid when a couple that filed jointly later decides to divide the case into two separate cases (e.g. because of separation or divorce during the pendency of their bankruptcy case.)

The updated fee schedule will be posted on the website effective June 1st.