The Delaware Docket - Quarter 2


CM/ECF Centralization

The Court is in the process of centralizing our CM/ECF servers.  Currently, every court that has CM/ECF has two servers that run the application.  The amount of servers needed at each court are costly for the judiciary to maintain.  In an effort of cost containment, the judiciary is in the process of locating all of the servers for all of the courts in a few locations around the country,  rather than each individual court location.   Our court is in the process of preparing for this move by testing connectivity between the site and the court for possible performance issues.  A date for the move has not yet been set.  We will provide additional information as the project progresses.

Clerk's Office Move

The Clerk's Office will be preparing to move from the third floor to the second floor over the next year.  We currently have Administration located on the second floor.  All staff and operations currently located on the third floor will be moved to the second floor with this move.  The judiciary has been asked to reduce its footprint to reduce rent costs in this challenging budget environment.  As dates for the move are established, additional information will be published.